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How My Video Got 6 Cops Indicted | I Was There
by VICE 2021 [12:35 min]
Published at youtube on June 6, 2021

PLOT: Almost two decades before cell phone video cameras came into widespread use, the violent actions of N.Y.P.D. officers during the Tompkins Square Park riot in 1988 were caught on a hand-held video camera by local Lower East Side resident and artist Clayton Patterson (@claytonles). In this episode of I Was There, Clayton recounts the wild and free era of the L.E.S. in the 80s and the events that led up to the riot and its aftermath, which included the indictment of several police officers and a jail sentence for Clayton for refusing to turn over his footage to authorities.---Featuring Excerpts From the Film “CAPTURED” (2008) provided by Clayton Patterson, Elsa Rensaa, Daniel B. Levin, and Ben Solomon. more

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@TwilightsSprite: "I was able to challenge the system. That to me is the American Dream. To be able to fight for freedom and survive." Hell of a quote.
@andyginterblues2961: PTSD from police misconduct/ victimization, many people, myself included, can relate to that. Local cops took pretty much everything I had. And, while attempting to get justice, you discover that lawyers and judges apparently also fear the cops. Keep those cameras rolling, people.
@archie7135: He's still living in the same spot as those 80's pictures were taken, in front of the security gate? Being from NYC, I can tell you that's an accomplishment in and of itself. Good for him.
@jimmydiresta: Clayton is a genuine NYC /LES legend! I lived around the block from him for 25 years. rock on brother.
@alexanders7817: A very knowledgeable and articulate man. He’s lived an interesting life and has some incredible stories. Definitely seems like he’s suffering from PTSD. I’d love to sit around a camp fire and sink a thousand beers listening to his stories. The saying is true, never judge a book by its cover. Cheers VICE
@nemo9540: Of all the artists interviewed he's by far the most interesting of all, he doesn't have this obscure vision that a few art snobs pretend to understand his art is real and relatable and used for the good of the people. To say that your art tangibly helped others after being abused by the very people who swore to protect them is just incredible. Its obvious that this man has gone through a lot and he's openly said he has trauma that no therapist can understand so everyone who lives there and has been helped by him go make a concerted effort to help him because he deserves it.
@christianterrill3503: This is the vice we love.... raw, real people story's.
@305heezy: A hero and pioneer - introduced cops to accountability
@dickbubi1: The two things cops fear more that anything: shotguns and cameras. Can't thank this dude enough.
@inception9118: The part when he says that something along the lines that people who used his video never so much as sent him a card over the years is heartbreaking and sad.
@d-train9489: Man you did capture the last of the free life and set off what a bunch of people are calling police auditors. You have done a great thing by holding all the corrupt PIGS accountable for their actions otherwise they would be running rampant. Thank you for all you have done.
@sherifox2854: My dad is friends with Clayton, they grew up together in Calgary, AB Canada. I always enjoy talking to Clayton, his stories are fascinating. One of the nicest guys you will ever meet.
@flatoutnorth794: A good human and a camera can make a world of change.
@edgaralanfrog: I hope he feels beyond proud, and I hope he knows he truly did change a part of the world and now a lot more people will know his name. And hopefully he’ll receive some extra Christmas cards this year
@unknownentity7408: Yo my heart goes out to him not being able to get real help from mental health professionals that truly understand what he goes through. As a person with ADHD I understand his deserted feeling
@jonmichael02302: Men like this are the unsung heroes our children need to hear about.
@sirsmokealot5818: The way he talks about the lasting effects of dealing with police really shined some light on my own life thank you
@thegame546444: The world needs more people like this guy. Thanks for all you've done.
@unofficial5151: Big ups vice for putting up amazing content like this.
@Punketeria1369: Yay Clayton, I miss him and tnose days. Also, unexpected to see a couple old pics of me, Lydia and Spike back in da day. Thanks for showing the Tompkins Riot & Lucky 13th. Man, those were the most intense, beautiful and life changing times in my life. So grateful I was past of it. Clayton, I gotta come visit one of these days; Im just in Philly.chEErs
@jeremylamovsky3669: Imagine being there in the 70s and 80s and coming back to the neighborhood and recognizing this guy from back then. Cameras are one of the most important inventions in history. You look at old photos or videos and you can pop it yourself there, or if you were already there at the time it was taken, go back in time
@Paisles: I got nothing but love and respect for old boy. I appreciate all the hard work and time you've dedicated to your passion. you've definitely made a great impact on this world <3 keep on doing you OG stay safe and stay positive
@BlueTearDconnor: This guy deserves an award and to be mentioned in media school.
@juanitacoronado1707: I would like to say thank you for everything you've done. You deserve so much more appreciation.
@masskilla469: I grew up in The Lower East Side and remember it was a tough place but it was a community where people looked out for each other even though there were social differences because everybody understood we were all in the same boat.
@sljm8192: Thank you for your due diligence you’re an inspiration, we must be vigilant and hold those whom are meant to uphold the law accountable for their actions.
@ElDantae: What a wise man!! If only the world had more people like him.
@jennbearcat4484: JFC, that part about PTSD...I was at standing rock back in 2016 and the level of state violence we experienced was truly disturbing. After I returned home from camp I spend a solid year and a half trying (and failing) to manage my PTSD. When I finally came back into my mind enough to start looking for outside help, there was absolutely nowhere to turn. In fact, just seeing the soldiers in their military uniforms on the PTSD therapy websites was enough to retrigger my nervous system (the national guard also assaulted us out there). I ended up losing everything, my home, my pets, everything I owned, even my mind for a while there. There really needs to be some type of anticapitalist / anticolonialist trauma informed therapy!
@eveinterrupted: Good for you for standing up for the truth! I'm sorry for the PTSD it's given you but you're a rare breed to stand up to police corruption! You're an amazing artist!
@user-cn2jj2xb7i: "You just sort of expected to be that person" - This hit hard. It is crazy how little we actually define ourselves in society. We begin to expect what society expects of us and its a constant struggle to be true to what YOU want.
@gpmcivor777: Amen, brother! This dude needs to be acknowledge and recognized.
@user-du3bo5us2w: This man is a true hero in my eyes. A true visionary, and I really appreciate his work and ideology.
@paultaft2700: This is amazing this man is a blessing that’s never been credited for his effort he deserves so much more @jak33: Legend! Also I know it can be hard to open up when you went through an obscure trauma. That moment really hit me in the feels.
@user-lv8dy5zh2: This dude kickin that wisdom and knowledge. Excellent piece by vice. It’s always so good when someone sticks with their craft. Eventually they get recognized. Thank you for your contribution to your community your country and humanity. What you have done is very important. Many blessings brotha.
@timhackman9488: Thank you VICE for sharing this video and thank you to this man who spent most of his life filming the changes in life and all of life’s ups and downs and never backing down for no one.
@jenniebun: this guy is a hero @PurplePatterson87: Thanks Clayton for what you do. That has to be a difficult thing to do and I’m grateful there’s someone out there dedicating their time to watching the watch dogs.
@TexasRigged: wow, this man is a true film maker. Only someone with that type of experience could explain things the way he did.
@user-mx1dc6iw9g: Well done Clay! A life well lived.
@joeystevens3308: The OG of police brutality caught on tape. What a legend! @heynowls3058: Thank you for your art, your service, your humanity.
@mjstecyk: Hopefully he can archive the video he's shot over the years - It'd be awesome to see old hardcore sets in CBGBs
@blondzruleall5443: Thank you for being someone that endured PTSD and stayed the course, you sacrificed so much for true history, seeing how the cops behaved, is so true to how they continue to behave. I am a trauma therapist and understand why this fell onto the way it did.
@usernotfound2958: YES VICE. Give this man his own series! I’m sure he has hundreds of thousands of pictures and videos documenting our great city!
@HooversHouse: This guy is something else. I need more of him.
@amuhammad27: I wish this guy the best and that he finds a way to digitally archive all the footage he’s taken over the years @soulstorm8806: If he wants to find a psychiatrist or a psychologist that understands then he must find one who is willing to listen to his life story for a couple months of sessions in grave detail and then go from there. P.S. But do not forget Clayton himself said that some cops are good and some are bad. He would film the bad ones to show the truth. And more power to him! This video is worth something at least. Excellent video. Real to the core.
@user-rg5gy3cs9v: Salute to this man...sorry for what you went through during and after.. and thank you sir
@breezy8235: I need to see if this gentleman has a book out. He's definitely got a lot of stories that need to be told like this one.
@vernonmeyer5261: We need more people like you my man to do what you do. There are Thousands of Corrupt Pigs out there that need to be taken out of the system so they can't hurt anyone else again in any way.
@livingcoll8724: You sir, are a legend! Thank you for putting a tear in my eye! Inspiring
@done233: Went to jail for not giving up his personal property, the reason they wanted it , they had done wrong. We live in a scary time .... sometimes having access to everything isn't so bad. People or law enforcement can't hide as well anymore.
@nickdominguez85: Brought a tear to my eye thinking of how isolated all the people who do this feel. There needs to be an app to unite us. Citizen was advertised to me during this video, and I thought, if every auditor had that they might be able to film these events in unity
@JBMONROETHEPRODUCER: Thank you vice for not letting his work go without it's flowers his message is important in a time where silence is being forced.
@moldovansebastian6533: God bless you Sir, you are a living legend. Thank you for your courage and sense of community and social responsibility.
@melissawilliams6895: Thank you Sir, for your art and your dedication to your craft. You are a hero to me! @danielduncan6370: What an interesting man. I could listen to him tell stories all day. I hope he has a YouTube channel.
@user-qm7mk1es6d: Thank you for sharing this awesome story. This is what people need to realize. Riots come out of a need for change. I can’t help but wonder how different his story would be as a black man @patrickholbert780: Damn he was well spoken. His last statement in the video hit me deep.
@expfcwintergreenv2.02: That moment when you realize the person you’re listening to is talking straight wisdom
True activist and patriot right there! That's what being a partriot and an activist actually means! Seeing something that's not right and be willing to sacrifice everything including your life to call it out or change it. Not like modern day flag wavers who just spout out "Murcua, love it or leave it!" Or those faux activists who just post online about how outraged they are and get into water fights!
@user-wr7co5vc2v: Awesome video, respect to clay for recording and archiving history.
@WARSfate: Not every therapist or psychologist will understand but I promise one will. Hope he finds help, he did a lot for the community.
@emilyemily9328: What an amazing person. Thank you, Mr Patterson, for such transformative work.
@Ozhull: A hero, a pioneer, and an artist. Thank yo
@LeoSeysRawr: Thank you for finally posting something that actually stands for justice for once instead of being concerned with your bottom lines
@pfrederick3927: it feels like yesterday that this was all happening. this guy chronicled a lot of things i love from my youth.
@MrAlfiew: this is great, glad vice has started to put out good videos again. Please make a long version I want to see more of Claytons footage and photos!
@BBH2022: The precedent this guy set in motion... what a legend.
@rickysaucedo5002: We need more people like this.
@scott83gmail: This man is an unsung hero. With all sincerity I thank you for your courage and dedication. You Deserve to hear voices of gratitude everyday of your life
@wizdumb3777: Thank you brother, you’re endeavors from the depths of your soul are truly appreciated.
@byronleatham1183: You are a true great American hero the man that stands up when all those lay down the man that defies Injustice the man that demands is right to do what's right to photograph people who are just being people is an honest way to influence people I've said this to many American heroes and all set to you thank you for your service sir nothing but love and respect for you.
@christinapomponio6452: I could listen to this man's stories for days, soaking up nothing but wisdom.
@michaelpatschak9612: You're an inspiration to me! Nice work and dedication!
@MrXanxabar: This man is important af. He is a living legend. Protect him at all costs.
@MoparViking70: What a cool guy. Shame on those people who benefited from his tapes and didn’t even thank him. The cops need to be reminded who they serve sometimes.
@scatteredvideos1: The hero the US didn't know we needed. Thank you for your work.
@ursaminorjim: Thank you for all your art, Mr. Patterson. And thank you for caring!
@ronwilson5906: Man you were ahead of the times. I give you a lot of credit you have a lot of guts.
@belladonna131: That was really interesting. I never thought about all the photos and film from those days stirring up such controversy. I'm surprised his camera wasn't confiscated many times and he lost all of his film and pictures. It seems like something that would happen.
@jordanfoster6384: "I was able to challenge the system and that, for me, was the American Dream; to be able to fight for freedom and survive." - Clayton Patterson.
@2w122: The price you pay hits me hard. The price we all pay is sad. They are Punishers, Clayton you are a Protector a Guardian and you do it with a camera you document the truth you capture it in time and in doing so you Protect and guard our rights. True solider of freedom. Freedom is living life without Force.
@mannymestrada: This dude is real punk rock! You’re rad brotha! Central coast of California love to you sir! @yippieskippy2971: Thank you for your steadfastness & your work, Clayton.
@NuclearNarwhal1: I can tell this guy just wanted to be recognized for all this good he was doing so I just wanna see:I see you man. Others might not give you the recognition you rightfully deserve, but that doesn't mean you're not deserving.
@Calinotch06: This guy is a national treasure.
@DanielLoveReel: This guy has a lot of wisdom. My experiences are different but absolutely support what he has to say.
@MEMEMEMEMELOL: Very wise man. His words mean a lot to me.
@notabadcookie: Thanks, Clayton Patterson for being you!You began filming "the door" the year I was born. Take care man!
@shitfuckshitshit: Teddy is a LES legend, the dude is made of pure integrity
@daimonmarioperez9501: I want to thank you. For having the courage to follow your art . Which in turn documented life on the LES. Making N.Y.C. Police accountable ...
@barnabykent6698: Amazing guy! Massive respect. Unfortunately, nobody ever gets to really "challenge the system" that's just an illusion, as is the American dream.
@emptyemptiness8372: His videos were gold for us punk kids outside the US in the early 1980s. This was how we got to see bad brains, minor threat etc. Salute and thank you old we are all becoming old men now..
@kargudin: Think of all the police brutality that went on before it can ever be captured on media smh.
@kaydee1486: Honestly, sometimes I forget that older people were once young!
@howardmulvihill6726: OG of the auditors! Thank you for putting your life ahead of so many other people's!
@RecentMeteor04: The footage in this video is amazing! I really want to go through everything he has saved.
@charlieferns9997: This is why I’m at every protest I can possibly be at. This is why I never leave the house with no camera, all of it deserves documentation.
@johnwright9372: One of the saddest things is Clayton never received a thank you card from anyone who used his films to bring legal actions.
@inigomontoya9061: Dude should start a YouTube channel, and present history in 5 minute clips. He could show them in chronological order, and serialize the past.
@youboob1996: This man is a hero.
@user-jc5lf6sf7g: The ideal interviewee. Very articulate, anecdotal, introspective and transparent.
@RightInTheFeels69: “To fight for freedom survive, that’s the American dream” Truer words have never been uttered
@moralfuxery: Hat off to this guy. What a legend.
@TurboWorld: Great on ya to fight for freedom and survive, many others were a lot less fortunate as you well have seen with your camera and eyes. Great video.
@cameronthebobameron1930: One of the first to hold police accountable in NYC. Absolutely legendary.
@user-lk1vx7hb9o: "I have no particular love for the idealized ‘worker’ as he appears in the bourgeois Communist’s mind, but when I see an actual flesh-and-blood worker in conflict with his natural enemy, the policeman, I do not have to ask myself which side I am on. "George Orwell, Homage to Catalonia.
@armorykittington5214: Wow. Really well done. What a hero. Good job, Vice.
@jeriscully6088: Thank god for you & for those that now follow in your footsteps. The importance is a matter of truth over lies, justice being served, & sometimes now life over death.
@ubahfly5409: My God this made me feel old. I didn't even recognize him. Glad to see he's still kicking.
@gwangseopshin: i wish i can live my life with purpose like you did with yours. very admirable the way you follow your path regardless of circumstances.
@user-yn3bn2bg4y: He's been doing this since the 80's. What's changed? This dude is a soldier. Front lines. He's not fighting for your freedom. He's fighting to get us to fight for ourselves.
@toxicavenger7073: Not all cops are bad cops but the bad cops make all cops look bad. Respect to this man and his buddies who helped get some kind of justice.
@skywind8030: What a great way to see the punk scene, drag queens, studio 51, exposing corrupt cops. All legendary places in NYC. I love NYC. Thank you for all the great work filming.
@lptt3552: Really Inspiring story and this dude is really awesome.
@mrsoft6884: Unfortunately, I had a very similar experience. The trauma of police violence has never left me.What can you do? Just go on.
@bedlamatic: No good deed goes unpunished bud...continue you're great work.( WE ARE MUCH BIGGER THAN that. Thank you.
@vyoufinder: Make sure you've got two cameras; one on the action, and another watching you. Because holding a camera can be like trying score a touchdown when they want it.
@blas4me50: My boy Clayton, love that man, and his wife. I was there during the riots, I saw him taking pictures from the top of that paddy wagon. He hung out with us in Tompkins Square. He has a store on Essex Street, go check it out. Nuff love from Abdulla, and the family.
@afterthestorm221: Now this is the VICE I know and love. Yes kids, there was a time photography video was non-existent. I'm glad you're the forethought to capture such important moments in music history pre time square and gentrification. Photography - documenting the truth in action.
@thelocalhooligan3800: Now this is exactly why I love Vice. Please have longer video. I am now interested in this mans life! Wish i heard of him before.
@demilishing: Wow how have I not heard about this guy before? Great reporting Vice!
@locomotivelynnpacheco111: Yes agreed!!! This kind of stuff is the stuff I love coming from Vice. This is inspiration right here!!! @CrackerCarl This is the type of stories I love. Keep bringing me this content.
@yubentrolled7097: Great filming tips. So this man started the cop watch movement. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear.... Right officers?
@wesleywoods8462: I’d like to first say thank you to VICE for always producing such awesome content. However, maybe consider a different title for this video? Perhaps one that captures the overall narrative. Any who, absolutely loved this story and greatly admire and respect Mr. Clayton Patterson (@claytonles) for his remarkable bravery and decades of dedication to “sticking it to the man”. This should hopefully not only inspire more people to assist in holding Police accountable, but maybe help shed light on the not often talked about after effects (mental health impacts) that Police brutality/abuse has on victims or bystanders. Thank you.
@rjscott6116: I love you brother! I truly do. You are a blessing, a soldier, a reason I have hope in people, and believe we can work together, Americans, for the good, making a better world for tomorrow. You are a hero! Thank you, and thank God for you.
@diaphanouswonders: The definition of ICONIC!!!!!! THANK YOU CLAYTON.
@DevilDude666: Incredible insight into history from a unique perspective.
@Jackwagon: This dude’s the real deal. A rarity!
@gardenlifelove9815: Kind of like today, they can't stand being video taped. God forbid we catch them with proof of their crimes...
@nancyjo517: Awesome story. What a hero
@ronniewilkerson2027: To stand alone, unappreciated, venerable, and a target, only to be remembered for a brief second or two. To have no one understand ,or to believe. Yes sir, I understand, and feel your pain, and wishful hope. Doesn't seem as though anyone remembers. Especially when there are cops standing above you. Seems they all run and hide, afraid of the conflict that they should be standing up to. I do understand, because being better does not mean you are going to be on top, or remembered.
@sirchancealot919: Definitely a life worth living, living for the community as well.
@taylortv8: such an important video, history that needs to be recorded and remembered.
@hje6449: I found you because my nephew has the same name ??. I’m certainly glad to know your story. Thank you for everything. Where should I send that greeting card?
@scenczyk1429: Vice. You've started doing good stuff again. I'm glad.
@YooB1: Thank you vice for all the great content
@nonmicrowavable2504: Truly amazing and inspiring.
@nipps223: This the side of Vice we love. Everyday people with everyday lives. This guys is just important (may be the wrong word) as the Beatles or the president, in our minuscule existence.
@user-js1bt5kq8h: Cool guy! Bet he would be able to write amazing stories about his life.
@timothyphillips4801: Thank you to Vice for yet another reason to get up in the morning and stand up for yourself.
@rootbox: THAT was excellent. Thank You for fighting the Good Fight Clayton Patterson
@savagetabby4931: Making me homesick for NYC. Last I was there, Pyramid has special nights now rather than one type of crowd taking over. It's nuts how history repeats itself with smaller victories passing on to the next gen.
@user-no7zb7qs7f: What a life to live, what a geezer he is.
@onekewlbraddah8460: This guy is the definition of Cinema Verite!
@user-du3bo5us2w: This is the Vice I know and love. I loved the "how 90s trash TV became deadly" as well! That one was soooo good! Keep up the awesome videos!
@MFSHECKS: Clayton is a real New York legend
@namehere9554: ts very important to document history because it can be used as evidence.
@projeckt2501: Clayton Patterson, hardcore, punk rock, stoic warrior, artist, legend, I salute you!
@Skzzlemister: I never knew about Clayton before this. Thanks Vice. More content like this please.
@emanyo: Amazing scene and era, documented so nicely.
@raysville7256: Fabulous document, I stand in awe!
@smileyp4535: I totally understand being a little sad about not being known or thanked for all the good he's done which is why this video is great and long time coming, but tbf when you're policing the police anonymity can save your life so I think this is the best way, when it's all said and done and in a culture a lot more skeptical of the police this is the time he (and others like him, like the guy who recorded Rodney King and the people who filmed George Floyd and the many many others) should be honored, very important part(s) of true justice.
@tarzz25qwe: It was interesting what he said about going to therapy. A therapist hasn't gone through what he has so its hard to find help when no one can understand.The original auditor what an absolute legend.
@homelessgymrat6994: "To be able to fight for freedom and survive." Well said, well said. This man is a legend, END OF!! Well done Vice by showing this. If anyone wants to know, the guy with the dreads performing at cbgbs is a band called bad brains. If you really wanna hear that hardcore sound these are the guys! God fathers of punk imo. This guy is a hero. It's a shame that it takes a year or two before Vice finally shows something that's worth watching
@johndoug45: This is such a stand up guy. Love it….This guy deserves a huge statue
@onenonlysash1590: What an amazing human being thank you.
@dannyj8141: In my country, the guy who filmed the evidence would have been killed by the cops. Good job vice, this is what we love.
@730tay4: Congrats on the supreme collab Clayton ! Your art is amazing. New York legend.
@q.c.key7044: FYI the army’s ptsd therapists do not help at all and half of us have really bad trauma from the streets. We can relate to you a lot more than you think.
@mhtbfecsq1: Amazing how this guy is so calm after all he's been through and seen. Probably for his own health after the PTSD which I can totally understand. And we have the nerve to try and enforce our toxic western ways on to other poorer countries as if we're better than them pff.
@kraqur: This is who a hero is, and thus he is my hero.
@nondescript2316: The truth is not hard for anyone to see. For most it is hard to accept.
@shorditchiscool: This guy is a legend @joshuagarner6981 You’re always mentally thinking. You’re always putting ideas together in your head. That pretty much wraps this one up.
@Oldshirt: You would think that the good cops would be thankful for a guy like this.
@jeremyventurino948: This dude is a legend!
@goaticorn8702: Absolutely brilliant human. Mad, mad respect. Fucking legend.
@yesterdaydream: Grateful for badasses like him.
@Gihad97: What a shame he is not thanked more. I’m happy to have learned about him.
@seanjohnson6566: Awesome interview thanks for mentioning RayBeez RIP the godfather of my hardcore scene great guy gone way too soon spent alot of time in L.E.S. as a youth and young man lots of heroin down there I've been clean almost 4 years now we can and do recover again thanks so much for the interview and getting those thugs with a badge held accountable the police would mess with us outside the venues just for being different.
@AcidxAnarchy: Man, wouldn't it be a trip to see what’s happened recently and think to yourself, this reminds me of what was happening 50 years ago.
@tanawilliams7498: This is the NYPD that I have known for a majority of my life. I remember the Thompson Square Park Massacre I remember so many other times like stop-and-frisk getting filmed. Oh the cops don't like that. But I didn't really see it for a while until black lives matters showed up and then I saw those cops of my youth all over again.
@THEvagabond29: Man deserves a medal.
@hifriends3413: It should be mandatory for cops to wear body cams while on duty; have all live feeds recorded. The same should be done with our politicians and such when they're on the job.
@andreavergani7414: Respect for this man
@juzzlikedat1546: This guy is a legend!!
@karolynko: What a gem he is! Doesnt want money just a simple thanks.
@ryanmcparland7605: Every once in a while you get a reminder that the old Vice is still there and trying.
@user-cb8mo9tk9n: I too am proud of you Mr. Patterson!! I am impressed and I thank you.
@heavyballs8458: This probably started in the 70s like “OK, GUYS, you film me and I’ll film the cops and that guy over there will film you so we don’t get beat up”.
@andrewolsen384: Awesome, thanks for getting this done.
@utsavman47: That talk of being in isolation because you're the only one thinking of the right thing is some real stuff.
@jhavajoe3792: Yup. He's an artist alright. There's the old saying: "An artist is never ahead of the times, it's the times that are behind." An artist like this fellow is a "Thinker."
@FernandoBelloEchevarria: My respects to you! "Thanks for your service"!!
@StrikerEntertainment: Can't imagine how abusive the police were back then when camera weren't invented yet.
@kawaii4u2: I came for the title, stayed and now I want to just learn how to begin documenting through photo and videos.
@LevisUsedCars: I wish I could send you $20 right now to show my appreciation for all you have done. Thank You!
@Highnoonshred: This man is a hero!!!
@WinstonSmith1997: This man filmed Bad Brains
@CBGBs: circa 1982. Much respect!
@ltruelove3907: what a hero. A true hero.
@lforthegood: This guy is amazing!
@jahawhitaker1016: When he said he met Nelson Sullivan I wasn't surprised he was iconic for holding the camera in those days sad he passed so young.
@sw3117: Trauma is a lonely place. It’s hard to find people that understand your experiences.
@brutallyhonest8854: Much respect @jtpricker: This is the dude you see at a bar at 2 pm. You see him and sit near him. Listening to his stories, you end up drunk and close thee bar with em
@ballasgeorge8914: He's got my respect for life.
@guygirard4274: I know what you mean , sometimes interactions with pigs are really traumatic and it follows you for life A.C.A.B.
@user-dg3cm8td9b: The world is art. In my opinion you just recorded the art, which I guess you could say is art of art.
@bottomendbliss: This guy has a lot of wisdom.
@lazynin545: He felt the consequences of doing the right thing. His last line in the video is awesome. "was able to challenge the system, that for me is the American dream to be able to fight for freedom and survive". That hits home for me because to me I feel that we as a society in America we are so jaded to the deaths of our people, I don’t just mean our people in the armed forces who lay down their lives for the interests and safety of our country and the people who live here their family their friends and everyone in this country but the civilians who live here who just want to live their American dream in the home they have been in. Civilians lose their lives so much here to so much and we have done virtually nothing besides saying some nice words. Many of the policies have been improving but the lies being fed to people by people with bad intentions hurts us more by turning people against their neighbors. Sorry for my rant I just got into my feelings for a moment.
@DrahcirII: Keep making your art, brother, change the world.
@jimthompson3787: Street wisdom of itself is art and this man is Street wisdom.
@MoejiiOsmanTV: That building he owns or office space is worth millions... God I wish I was in NYC in the mid 80s to of been able to purchase property back then and sit on it.
@fariseomartinez9998: Thank God for this brave soul.
@ramsesdizon9987: Thank you for being a REAL HUMAN in this sold out world!
@iamdragonetta: This man is a fucking hero and a legend!
@mexicopor6818: I'm glad I watched this. I learned real American history you won't see in museums.mGreetings from Mexico ????
@dcy8598: awesome he mentioned Nelson. He was a man before his time, when it came to "vlogging"...he was the creator of vlogging.. RIP nelson @rctrue: This guy definitely has balls.
@keithofarrell3080: Brilliant stuff as usual Vice.
@friendlier: Wow, was gonna say this guy should meet Clayton. And then I realized it IS Clayton. Time changes everyone.So nice that he gives Nelson Sullivan props for getting him into video.
@rasmillion: This man is a hero, there are plenty of cop watchers now. But I don’t see them as artists. This man is, to me, a hero, artist, journalist and freedom fighter in his own way.
@jonpomerance-trifts6113: One of the best. Good production. Interesting artist. Really enjoyed this.
@Zendo909: How awesome is that part, where he does this entire interview high as a kite.
@gardenlifelove9815: Go vice go. I love real stuff, loving this.
@voidid910: I remember this as a kid. It was crazy. I came up mostly in Brooklyn but started out in the LES. In the alphabets near the park and still got family in the area. There was no place on earth like the LES back in the day, it was beautiful in it's chaos. And it's a travesty what it's become now ?? The poster of gentrification and all the wrong ways to fix a community, from above and outside it, pushing the people who made the community and bringing in the yuppies. This cat is a legend in the punk scene, the anarchist scene, and for anybody who cares about people and combatting power
"For my family, for my friends.
For the ones that we lost I sing!
This is the message, this is for you,
Never forget the Lower East Side Crew!"
@seanomac4402: Not going to lie I would love to sit down and smoke a joint with this man and listen to his life lessons!!
@PaleWhiteMale: I could chill with this man every day.
@danbanks1485: I filmed some police brutality once. I witnessed two officers pinning a guy to the floor by the throat, and punching his face until he was pouring blood. I put it on facebook and got a message a month or so later from the guy's brother, asking if they could use my recording as evidence in a lawsuit. I said absolutely - please do! The most utterly infuriating part though is that not only did they not win, the guy ended up actually being charged with assault ofa police officer himself! This is because whilst he was laid on the floor with two fully grown men pinning him down by the throat, he was trying to kick up his legs at them. There's no way he could've even kicked them, never mind with any force - not from what I saw anyway. An utter joke.
@christianterrill3503: If cops are so innocent you would think they would want to prove they are in a proper manner and would want to filmed 24/7 to prove they are policing properly. Seems most cops dont want that I wonder why?!?!
@erikhoryza9068: This man is an American hero.
@jackbailey7037: He speaks the truth. I've been there.
@HashknightGaming: When I was a kid of 5 years old I had a very bad experience with the police they pepper sprayed me and my dog as we slept our family was to afraid to speak out about it they broke in to our home and attacked me and my doggo a 5 year old little boy, I still panic around the police I don't trust them they stole the trust I had in them and stomped on it...
@sadlife8495: 10:50 this is why you should respect public photographists and first amendment auditors. They are doing it for you and your neighbor you should at least love them for it.
@dondi2129: A raw gritty New York City story. I love my city. Thank you for sharing.
@omniplexmusic8993: Nelson Sullivan is the real OG vlogger, glad to see him mentioned here.
@scottybarnett3957: This hit home about the brutality and then feeling isolated because I was repeatedly poisoned by my roommate in the army who was a CID agent and almost died of antifreeze.
@lamborgini86: got his merch , as well as the supreme colab this dude is amazing, truly one of my inspiration to raw footage and talking to community, especially since i too am from NY.
@astrozombie7598: That's awesome that Nelson introduced him to filming. Nelson was way ahead of his time and was taken way too soon!. Some of the club kids scene wouldn't have been recorded if it wasn't for Nelson!..
@ishbirrakhra4265: Wisdom man. This man has lived. Thank you
@bobfreeze: Need more of this guy.
@mellomufasa9771: I got beat by multiple cops and have seizures over it. They got away with it lol.
@jj007104: Walking around with a camquarter in NYC in the 80s not only having to deal with the police but just being with NYC in the 80s, that alone makes this man a fucking hero.
@rowan1434: Before I even got a few minutes in I saved it as art. Then at around 12:00 he explains its all art and it just kinda was a mind blown minute. Thought I would share lol.
@pd10lovestrolls: Love your art at 11:56 Clayton! Talented man.
@Groovingforwardatx: I got chills when he said nelson sullivan introduced him to the camera. (He filmed all the club kids in the 80s/90s you can find his videos on youtube now.)
@posticusmaximus1739: 25 year old proof that we still need complete and utter DEFUNDING!
@DOP36ICK: If you watch the second video, pay close attention. That's me in the corner.. That's me in the spot light, losing my religion.
@leeandress4910: all that bad brains footage is fucking incredible. what a goddamn legend this man is!
@robbie5984: Hell what a great dude and amazing work. Also, this looks like Zac Amico if he is able to live to be that old.
@hodggrn: Reasons I love vice. Raw and lawless. Just telling the truth:
@chrissnineyearwildlifejour9525: Thank you for your service to freedom, Clayton. You are a hero.
@furiodileonardis8545: News for you as a Combat Veteran: no psychologist, no matter their training, is gonna know exactly what the hell you’re talking about.
@abhirajarora7631: There is always a long fight towards freedom.
@adamgardiner5869: This is a man who has lived.
@kimberc813: This guy is the meaning of what it is to be "American". He needs a monument in the LES.
@8BitFox: This dude literally snitched on the cops and won on my own birthday the literal day I was born that's insane:
@collectableartifacts9642: much respect. hold them accountable! . some us made bad choices:
@ViewerIsLame: Let's hope this doesn't repeat again in 2021 or in 2022:
@miken.1717: This guy is truly the original 1st amendment
@CmonDudes: The OG of cop watch. Much respect! @paxiahern2383: Police riot. It is a thing. Thanks for being there Clayton.
@ShaneWebstersMedia: I'd be this guy's friend. In a heartbeat.
@txbarker78: Serving and protecting the s*it out of you:
@pedxing: strangely, I think the weight of this man's consequence as described (10:30 forward) would be well accepted in a rooted AA room. Not because you've done some fucked up stuff, but because some fucked up stuff has been done to you. And its hard to surprise a room full of old alcoholics. Clayton, I hope you find your sounding room.
@princessali8394: I love this never stop recording the police!!!
@captainholdfast007: Thank you. You are a hero:
@imervazquez5087: Its videos like this that keep me coming back for me, Really hardcore and raw stories.
@robert039: I’d love if he posted hours of videos of 90s New York:
@annoythedonkey: As “The Excitable Boy said. “I want to live all alone in the desert, I want to live like Georgia O’Keef. I want to live on the upper east side and never go down in the streets”:
@ChaseliketheBank420: Nelson Sullivan, truly an NYC icon who is greatly missed.
@ProperMethodz: He needs to make a YouTube channel and upload his archives.
@christopherhumphrey: Thank you Clayton. Thank you for helping make America free!
@greciacerda5030: Thank you! How can we reach out to him directly? I do believe he is worthy of more than a Thank You card, but it’s a start.
@geemanbmw: Clayton is a LEGEND
@SoilentGr33n: I really want to see his GG Allin and Bad Brains footage, lots of it I have never seen before.
@TenderloinsToughest: This guy is a goddamn hero!
@richardmorrison2686: You sir are a hero thank you.
@ginast.george1573: Thank you for this footage! I saw a few clips of club kids in there, I'd LOVE TO see the footage of the drag queens and club kids!
@bretta3: The worst kind of coward is one that uses his authority to beat people that won't fight back because their attacker is a cop.
@raynarayskye: I will send him a Christmas card
@jamesbillingsby8043: This guy is awesome.
@louisdzialo9990: this guy is a fucking legend. good for him.
@travel9two557: Love Vice news. I’m from NYC born/raised went to college in NYU in downtown Brooklyn but never went out partying until I turned 21 in 2013 first place my friend took me was Lower East Side I was like WOAH! the energy at night is one of a kind. I love the diversity and real ness of the crowds in the bars/clubs. So fun. Met a lot of dope friends/acquaintances too. So many memories. When I talk to older people they say the same thing how it was back in the day. Even crazier. This Tompkins square park I didn’t know it by name but I know the location. A lot of NYCHA house but few blocks down condo’s nice area.
@user-yr4no2fx3c: This dude is a poet.
@vinnyrotten3177: legend i love this guy. thank you.
@hughjirekshun8259: RIP Raybeez; I'm now 42 and still have warzone sprinkled throughout my Spotify playlist.
@AaronHalliday: Poor guy. Not all heroes wear capes.
@Lmega201: Thank you and salute!
@honorladone8682: Thanks for being real. I do miss cbgb's and all the great places.
@tonyawaters4718: You are truly a beautiful and amazing man .thank you for your calling with the camera and recorder .You are a real American Icon . May the camera always let you see .
@We_Are_All_Vultures: Very cool perspective. I like him a lot. Cheers! Much respect to Clayton Patterson.
@kitterglitter7777: When this started I was wondering... hey I wonder if he ever rubbed shoulders with Nelson? Then I hear pyramid club then he says it!
@Jin420: Great story Vice! ??????
@tishapadilla4655: What a great artist!!
@bazzuz: Keep these videos up Vice and I'll consider subscribing again.
@ivi13: Love this guy.
@MartiniWinnie101: Amazing content!! There’s we go vice !!
@TommyJonesProductions: Not all cops are bad, it's the 99% who give the rest a bad name.
@adreamingboy7488: That deserves a like..This guy lived hell of a life i guess.
@robinlindberg6339: This is why cops don't want people videoing ANYTHING they're doing. I've been told to put my camera away by cops, they've told me that they're filming it.... Well, maybe, but they shouldn't have a problem with me doing it as well. ????
@braheemramsey4636: The real O.G of resistance, original cop watcher, before cellphones with cameras.
@formerlyfoote3380: He is iconic! Wow, just wow!
@jimmyschmidt5077: What a humble dude.
@FounderofGoogle: Yes this is the Legend that supreme just collaborated with.
@aidanfrison5922: More stories presented like this????????
@derkz069: This guy is a fucking legend.
@ella6713: G-d bless this man!! #filmthepolice
@imbatmanbitch7882: This is why I fucking love vice they're the radical thinking, what the people really want, they're not afraid and It never ceases to amaze me.
@Mocha69A: I thank you for those that never did but they owe you for caring, for all of us.
@ryanvargas4889: I wish this country would stop dividing itself and focus on government accountability, especially @ the enforcement level. Qualified immunity has to go.
@TheErinnm18: Nelson is a hero himself. You can find his videos on here. Arguably the first “vlogger”.
@RaisedLetter: The gateway into police auditing.
@shaquille_0atmeal69_8: This man is extremely lucky that he didn’t go out like John Lang.
@mdel07304: Same thing is happening in Washington Square park today... So many years later. It's sad.
@jakecroston1553: Mane cops are so horrible these days. I know some are good but too many are bad.
@greenmonstah420: wow a Vice short doc that doesn't suck I feel like I'm in 2012 or something.
@cherondabarrett6772: LOVED HIS STORY.
@livylu6287: The police that hate this guy are the ones who have something to hide.?????.
@user-rr5td7lh8s: Thank you for being a citizen journalist.
@DursunX: Cops: we want your tape - Me: ok, here you go - Him: not a chance! (explains chain of custody).
@theblacksheeps5499: Hey nelson Sullivan. The dude that was vlogging before it ever became famous.
@mariacolls1373: Sadly I really get it. Not from seeing physical violence but psychological violence. In London UK and Wellington, New Zealand. I stand by those words.
@conservat1vepatr1ot: Anyone else recognize GG right away rolling naked in the street? This man is incredible.
@hfactotum1: I passed by Clayton Patterson's studio many times but never met him yet the images and people he documented on the Lower East Side are now gone into history. I don't even recognize the area anymore since it's turned into a "paradise" for the wealthy. Clayton .
@al3440: Very well spoken
@jobloggs8022: decent people don't stay in the police force, it is such a shame.
@johnnyblaze2257: The Cops were Brutal and Dirty AF in NYC back in those days, they still are but more low key. NY born and raised, I saw and lived through everything!
@kadeuce8561: Hope there's an archive of his work online.
@stevendalloesingh1214: You just know that big bro Patterson had his teeth knocked out for no reason, mans still standing proudly! Respect from Suriname, South-America!
@pamelaphelan4144: What a Pioneer. God bless you. The OG YouTube guy.
@mikegreenwald1922: Very happy Nelson Sullivan was acknowledged here. He was the OG vlogger. RIP Nelson, you were so ahead of your time.
@DynamiteProd: Societies like this will never exist again in the US. It sucks. It was more dangerous but it was also more fun and more artistic.
@bigdickdawg2839: im never this early.
@leshiro5574: This man is a true American.
@richwhittaker2261: you’ve done a great public service and I salute you sir.
@revolution-english1707: Thanks for uploading. Great and moving vid. But I don't understand- instead of going to jail, why not just make some copies of the video and then hand it over?
@annonaQOC: I read a comment somewhere that the cellphone camera inventor deserves a NAACP award for the work the cameras have done in exposing police brutality & executions against people of color. Maybe the inventor does deserve an award.
@juanserrano8777: This is kind of sad considering what the lower east side is like today. It's all be gentrified and outsiders have moved in and raised the rent prices throught the roof. New York has never been the same.
@bigbastard3617: There we go Vice! Let's continue to villainize police. So good for society.
@sasproductions701: Us early 2000 skaters look at skateboarding as art especially when it came to filming with the most popular camcorder of all time the Sony VX1000 which was also popular for porn movies getting up close to things rather than have big heavy equipment. also popular was a fisheye lens called the death lens and also a boom mic made it the perfect camcorder ever for its time. now people are looking at skateboarding as a sport and for the Olympics and some people dont agree with it. check out TY Evans he’s one of the best legend skate filmers.
@sweetleaf9668: A true OG! Legend!
@j.parker1627: Thank you for being the individual you are Sir... Can someone start a GoFundMe for this guy ????... I will contribute just post the link ..Again... Thank you for saving our History...
@victoriyayi4464: Now if you sued with this man's videos, send him a Christmas card
@TheJustinhcase: There is something you can do about it, it is called Complex post-traumatic stress disorder, when you have been under stress for decades.
@warismir1931: Ist?
@BaseDeltaZero1972: I'm from the UK, so have never heard of this guy before. Seems he was somewhat a pioneer though. Interesting upload.
@stevenmolinachannel: I love this guy!
@rolandrodriguez7145: Amazing man , an artist.
@colleenkratz3717: Thank you Clayton BigUp & Never Stop!
@Dagreenberg68: this guy ROCKS.
@gmanhero: The fact the cops continue to fight the Supreme Court's rulings and Constitutional rights shows their level of respect for law. “A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.” - John F. Kennedy “It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.” - Thomas Sowell “When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals.” -Edward Snowden.
@zanecuthbertson257: Man all the stuff he showed just seemed so cool.
@DasZuckerhaus: I'm amazed that nobody thought to write him a Christmas card.
@sebastianrosker1617: Legend! Respect.
@radioactiveman4657: This is man is the OG of of police accountability (auditor).
@americanhindi: Modern-day Braveheart. Salute!
@sacredcoldplasma6276: I have been homeless for 20 years and finally I have a home I can turn the key and open ,in my life time NYPD abused me, I grateful for this.
@TheIslandKing: People ought to be ashamed to have used his video and never offered him any of the settlement.
@manuele.itriagom.728: What a legend.
@rubberrooster7804: now a days this is caught on camera all the time and nothing happens.
@Spacemuffin147: What a legend.
@saif8959: This is what you call an Unsung hero.
@christalbot2697: What a legend
@supercarebear854: This is gd wonderful.
@lc7644: Imagine getting a job and not harassing police. It could all be so simple.
@robertjazz3613: A True Artist
@jnels2007: Nelson Sullivan, the guy he mentioned, has many videos of the late 80s and early 90s here on YouTube it’s very interesting
@famousobs9486: Thank you vice Finally a good one
@vonsuthoff: SIf Clayton's video helped these individuals win monetary law suits, they should have shared some of that money with him!
@wickedlokz1849: Cool video thanks for sharing your story
@bozobebop5859: Last lines were so inspiring, good fellow
@selva5365: 30 years on and not much has changed...
@newthrash1221: Damn, this is some crazy, raw footage.
@beederby7041: Legend. No doubt.
@faerefolke: Imagine if he hadn't been there with his camera
@DWilliam1: I was living on St. Marks between 1st and A when the riot happened. It was nuts.
@36chambersofdeath53: what a legend
@KungFuChess: I remember years ago seeing cops galloping down park Ave on horses cracking heads with batons during new years eve.. looked like a scene out of Braveheart
@richard09able: Thank you for what you do
@mateopavolini: This man made me go grab my camera
@vanadielwindurst8591: People need to understand that you have the right to use lethal force against a criminal officer who is unwarrantedly threatening your life. You can’t just stand there and let your life be taken for no reason at all.
@sisterkaro1635: What a good man
@willtobias5280: This.. fucken.. guy. Sir, (cos you're clearly a knight), I'm blown away. There was one sentence in this interview that I felt held 30 years of pain. Isn't it funny how more or less the same thing happened everywhere at the same time?
@amadu1234: This is the VICE I remembered. Not the new cooperations mouthpiece they’ve become.
@user-uh9tq6ek8m: wow. a hero with a camera.
@londonmockett8952: as someone who want to be a movie director I’d kill to have that . Now anyone can record anything it don’t mean as much anymore it’s diluted
@wocannaseilai5983: "The American dream is to fight for freedom, and survive"
@PogieJoe: Not all heroes wear capes.
@maxpalich9940: Vice is life, vice is death. Keep it up, my most beloved channel @sham421: If you go see a mental health professional and they ask "What are you, crazy?" keep shopping.
@GobyTSB: Thank you Clayton Patterson.
@DJequalizee: this dude rocks
@theoffor647: Now we all have smartphones. We have no excuse. Film every police encounter, whether it’s you or a stranger.
@cynthiaanngarmanwade6413: These videos, probably available at GameStop, Toy Stop, Blockbuster, with BetaMax, or PlayStation, as they know who they sold these items to forever, even on microfiche, or a manual transmission way of writing, were of this horrendous activity seen by the unwilling of us all, and were contrived by the videotographers. We normal people do not act this way in private, or public settings. If we did, the neighbors or our children would place us under citizen's arrest until the real sheriff's department or police department would arrive. No matter how long it took them to arrive. We had a code word between us. We have it still. God Almighty in Heaven, we stand affirmed, and will not abide them all.
@paulagarcia5203: the whole christmas card thing made me sad.
@1shellkilla: I never knew about this! Mind boggling
@samcorona9595: What is this man contact info.. I would lov to tell him how I became an activist watching others film not realizing that you are the foundation of accountability. And documenting the vision and view healthy everyday neighbor. Our struggles and our fights just to have the rights to exist
@mamapetillo8675: I so appreciate Vice News.
@mohmmedalseari8061: one word a LEGEND
@sicksideworldwide1599: Brilliant power to the people
@kenzootv7351: Give this man his flowers. Thanks O.G
@peterjones596: He's the real deal, and people, support your local activist! Just because they do it because they can doesn't mean they don't need support.. Give it!
@nardoSix06: Well said
@user-rw2fz6tn1e: This is the Vice we need
@ImadZeryouh: I subbed after this hero. Keep up
@Kustomcasketsmusic: This is my fav video of all time , love the history of Nyc
@animefan878: Power corrupts in a corrupt system in itself and still noone demands change, it's madness!
@ka9202: "...To be able to fight for freedom and survive." Now that's DEEP!
@poke_hoard422: Art is a mindset, a way of looking at the world
@demoniaangel6980: “The American dream is so fight for freedom and survive” hell yeah never heard the American dream put this way, but now that I have....maybe I also have that dream
@jayonez137: I was there too. We were a bunch of crazy skinheads running around the streets of the LES back then. Squatting out with friends on the weekends down there. The park was filled with squatters and tents amd make shift shelters back then. Long before the watered down hipsters gentrified the Lower east side and ruined the culture in the neighborhood. We got into the middle of it two nights in a row. Sat night on Ave A in front of the Alcatraz. Sunday night after a CBGB’s matinee we got into the middle of it again in the Park. Cops were just smashing people with their billy clubs from their horses. It was a bad scene Clayton was a staple of the LES back in the 80’s. Thank you for this documentation Clayton. RIP Raybees!
@kevinmills1318: Not all heroes wear capes
@ta13oo76: This was an awesome video.
@TheAbrantino: "..... be able to capture, the last of the wild and the free....." deep words
@mirnasimmi4901: What a fucking hero. Truly an American legend @Shaundaa: I would love to meet him !!!
@patrickday4206: Yeah ptsd from police isn't like going to war and coming home the enemy is always around and you never know which one is the bad guy
@33mavboy: Following orders is an act of evil, it goes against our will
@Calinotch06: New York City needs to cash him out for all the abuse and stress he endured.
@footyatx8404: Respect
@cybergothika6906: That guy is oldschool treasure in risk of extinction.
@indigenoushecate6409: A true pioneer
@user-su9ky5us2j: History tends to repeat itself
@kdawson020279: Is VICE returning to credible, quality investigative journalism? THIS is like the old days. I've seen quite a few good VICE videos. For a minute I almost unsubbed, glad I didn't. Editors of VICE, this is the news and history that matters to the modern moment. I love the deep dives. Keep it up.
@skater101202303: When he mentioned Nelson!! Nelson’s videos are such a cool time capsule of the past I love his videos
@TheLloydRiz: This reminded me to send a note to someone who helped me.
@SamAsgari: What a great dude
@TJlongisland: This guy LEGEND
@user-ut4el7lh6g: This is American life, a true accounting of lower east side of NY. What a very cool idea back in 88, probably 8mm or Hi 8(newer tech at the time and very small compared to VHS or VHS-C
@cromwellg60: Wise dude right there.
@ryans7146: History is repeating itself in Los Angeles as we speak.
@traceyevans2757: In case anyone is curious as to why the public should have the same firearms that cops have, this is why. They’re not there to “serve and protect” you; they’re there to do this and they love it.
@brianmyers8785: you are a hero.
@chefdsal1: You’d think cops would LOVE cameras around to document their bravery.
@hughjasso5157: I got some money on a Thank You card for this guy ffs!
@cocopuffs1518: Some real talk!
@bertnorticus1662: I wonder how it would go down, if someone set up a charity for people that have been affected by police brutality...I'd go to the meetings ??
@progressivegranny4207: Thank The Creator for Bright Souls in this World!! Thank YOU, Sir, for Being YOU!!
@bowieaddict3178: Right on Clayton!!
@slikdarelic: thank u Clayton Patterson.. you are a trailblazer!!!
@silentjay7163: Please keep up this raw og vice content
@filthyrych: This dudes cool as hell, I’d love to smoke one with him and hear his stories and watch his tapes.
@garymarkz4672: I thoroughly enjoyed this
@dougschmitz1136: Never give up your originals never just the copys.
@clayton: thank you for your service
@ironfrogpress1526: I want to give Craig a Xmas card...
@Odinarcade00: Rural cops think cops are angels they need to watch this.
@devaewitherspoon466: You had me invested once you mentioned the OG Nelson Sullivan!!
@kelsonl6084: The part where he said all the people he helped sue the cops to the total of more than 2.2 million from just his tapes and hasn’t gotten one Christmas card..he didn’t even expecf money. Sadly some people take photographers and videographers for granted, I think it had to do with the type of people he helped. Not saying they didn’t deserve help but young white punks aren’t exactly the most courteous people-I mean that’s why they’re called punks
@reneearika9193: It's 2021 and we are still dealing with tyrant thugs with badges...
@gchchung: The OG Humans of LES way before it was cool. True champion of the community.
@djjl210: Really funny how cops say they are recording too for their safety @adamthestonerful: I think vice needs a new camera ?? man this guy would be perfect.
@HitMan1263: Looks like some good police work
@DespaceMan: Did the COPS learn anything from this? Nope they repeat the same in 2020 it's fkn sad.
@timboslice8194: Outstanding and eloquent.
@dogbog99: Mans a legend
@fredflintstoner596 Mrs Richards: " I paid for a room with a view!"
Basil: (pointing to the lovely view) "That is Torquay, Madam." Mrs Richards: "It's not good enough!"
Basil: "May I ask what you were expecting to see out of a Torquay hotel bedroom window? Sydney Opera House, perhaps? the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically past?..."
Mrs Richards: "Don't be silly! I expect to be able to see the sea!"
Basil: "You can see the sea, it's over there between the land and the sky."
Mrs Richards: "I'm not satisfied. But I shall stay. But I expect a reduction."
Basil: "Why?! Because Krakatoa's not erupting at the moment?
@amytaylor1909: So good I could cry
@bigboifatty6131: Love Clayton Patterson. Bought his supreme t shirt that came out
@NeuralSimulation: Who in their right mind thinks George Bush when you mention, "someone to have a beer with?" Nah not George Bush, this guy.
@jungleismassive6568: Man this is great
@ven-venvybz8775: Clay you are a legend
@Vommir: What a nice bloke!
@christinasornbutnark1208: My sister in-law was murdered by capt Rick Moore of the Seal Beach, Ca police dept. Her crime? She didn’t want to go out with him. He stalker her a murdered her. Her name was Amanda, I understand!
@andresmusic5669: I was able to tag on that door, met Clayton a few times in LES- nyc legend!
@kylethompson1379: That was beautiful.
@kevinbrunty873: Good video. More folks need body cams on 'em especially if it could broadcast to The Cloud. The you tube ads fvcked it up though @martinvera5962: Cool dude shining the spotlight.
@maxcullen3427: Never knew I’m English but this just shameful by NYPD
@ianthescientist8827: Wow who would a known cops are slightly better now. Interesting... Shows how much our government cares about us. Not even just US there's many cops & people like this in UK, Canada and other countries.
@soloster100: Let me guess all the dislikes on this video are cops... i dont see any other reason to not like a video that represents standing up for your rights.
@jasonaponte3267: send this man an xmas card pls.
@pangajackterhor: The last part really should get all of us thinking! @mamapetillo8675: Shoot. Missed this by a year. Left in early ‘89.
@juanyeeast5595: Yes Vice this is what the fans want lol
@patswayze7359: I love this dude
@chandlerdodson4217: And this right here is how you expose the corrupt system.
@kodiejc4202: cool little story with a big impact.
@wolflarsen1900: something like that is just impossible here in Germany. Here the police gets beaten up and the police gets ptsd (not much more preferable but the in total violence is much less. ok its either way 10 times less here but its better this way around)
@konstantinkoverchenko9587: That’s fuckin’ powerful.
@bradb5850: He deserves a retirement fund of sorts, maybe someone could set that up for him.
@magicalhearingman: No imprisonment no peace
@danksquadone9271: I'm glad he mentioned nelson Sullivan he was a head of his time video taping everything first vlogs on Camera.
@jimmyramone5714: Pigs need to be held accountable.
@jpruhu7662: An inspiration.
@user-xj5tb1zt8s: Nelson was another true vlogger pioneer in NYC.
@budgetking2591: Public camera's finally holding cops accountable, there have been thousends of George Floyd's but there was no camera to capture it.
@jjosephm7539: The late 70's, early 80's - The East Village-Tomkins Square Park ("Spike Park") CGGB's, The Bowery. This was the area where the Gangs of New York roamed. You shoulda been there. Then came crack and it became too dangerous for even the adventurous ones. Today, it has been gentrified
@bdpheavygame: Not all heros wear capes
@chenovski95: Nelson Sullivan is a legend
@alynneflanery9918: his ideals are great-- didnt really show his quality of life though. he spoke about some of the cost of this life....what lifestyle was he able to have? family?? etc.
@sgtdenker: How do i send this man a Christmas card?
@wakeupshift111: I want to give him a haircut and a shave sooo badly @Johnny1.0: The OG 1st amendment auditer without even knowing it! Lol
@elpadroni1626: His guy is the man
@nathanfink: That hat is super dope. As is this dude and his story.
@tiggercampbell6198: thank you for your service..
@realitycheck3672: OLD SKOOL! DAMN! This is a throwback @mrman3938: Probably the first cop watcher before that became a thing. They hate cameras. Keep those lens on them all.
@user-sk7lw7nd1k: Love him ??
@uprightape100: Mr. Patterson is an American Hero.......I'll buy you a beer, or coffee, or buds, or all three. Just keep filming.
@bpcgos: 80s is brutal @user-pl2ub2fq5t:Look at NYC now. An awesome place to live.
@markmills344: Salute!
@jjww30: Good to see he upgraded his equipment.
@ncage2621: What a cool interesting guy, he really did good.
@user-tg3tl1qh3n: Who else gonna try to meet him and take a photo at the gate
@marcusvincent726: If he had handed the tape over to the police you really think they'd done the right thing? Hell no... Look at what they did they thought was the right thing to do in the first place. Sad thing is not much has changed. That's with a percentage of cops today wearing body cameras. Camera's they can control. Which is arbitrary in of itself. The purpose of it is essentially to prove what they did was the right thing. The problem is they don't do the right things and they talk to each other like criminals do on how to get around things. Like hey mute your camera so we can conspire against the person/s. My advice even if you feel safe always record all interactions with any govt entity. Also there's a reason you're not allowed to have your cell phone in the court room. It's not because it could be a disturbance but they don't want anyone recording anything that they can't control what the outcome could be. You have to have a guilty conscience if you knowingly stomp on ppls rights like that. Why can I watch the amber heard v. Johnny Depp trial on TV but I can't watch anyone else's? Not on TV of course but you should be able to keep your own record of what happens in your own cases 100%. Because unfortunately evidence does disappear so conveniently when it's their evidence. Body cam footage disappears all the time in the small town I am from. Matter fact last encounter I had with police they didn't even turn them on. It was just an id check but still bad things happen all the time at the drop of a hat and if it did happen that time. My family would have had to go with their concocted story of events. Funny thing is in America the police can lie to you but it's a crime to lie to them. How can that be justified? that makes no sense. It's the opposite of a moral equality. I don't hate police. But I don't like how they look at anyone who isn't a police officer or deputy. My friend in HS dad was a police Capt. And even he told his son to never talk to police officers and to keep his mouth shut and never trust them. That right there tells me that they are 100% aware of what it is they do, and isn't necessarily right.
@gemmagirlxoxo: Amazing man.
@landrec2: Great stuff.
@isaiahbrown8571: There’s should’ve been a society traumatic therapist
@CloakDaggerNYC: Dope, glad I was able to experience LES, CBGB’s and NYHC
@ticket2space621: Did they do time though? Cause they have a hell of a way
@michaelhills9271: Great story
@punkwarlord: Soooo... How did his video get 6 cops indicted??
@robbb416: New Yorkers! Gotta love them!
@thejamezdeen: Is nobody going to mention that fact that at the very start there is a quick clip of a guy literally squeezing out a used tampon into his mouth!.... I am fairly certain that's what I saw and I wish I didn't.
@sarahwishler2670: Powerful stuff
@valleygirl9723: What an extremely interesting individual.
@JSmart2020: They changed the title up from a few hours ago, it wasn’t grabbing enough people. Funny how this new one did. Fucking crazy mind control we’ve succumbed to.
@MrJBarrows5: Glad we all agree that as long as this way of life produces the occasional prophet, we're down with the conditions that create them.
@pjsretrogamesmusicandwrass5795: Thank God there were no casualties
@MrDaviseixas: Coisa linda demais
@garyholt4445: This is why police don’t like to be filmed. Thank goodness for modern technology. With the numbers of mobile phones available now and they all have cameras. It holds police accountable.
@cobracommander9138: He never got any police officer in trouble the officer got themselves in trouble by their actions.
@mattcolin2963: The history of why cops immediately react when they see a camera. Thin blue line 101 I guess
@Stwinky: This dude is fucking rad
@cadillacblue3412: An amazing contribution of HEART and ART! I hope to run across you one day so's I can say hi and THANK YOU
@londonmockett8952: Why when it’s the mob or cops it’s called being indicted
@monke6776: In Vietnam it’s estimated as much as 90% of us marines were using heroin, when they got back to the states they almost all got off with no problems
@ultrakool: musta put him under a lot of stress. dude did not age well..
@FreshtexBlackman: Every time Vice posts these types of videos you always got the clowns posting about this is the Vice they love, like anything ever changed with Vice in all it's years or they're supposed to post only what you agree with.
@WonderingEnglishman: For once a video worthy of one's time as its not woke crap
@bulletprooftiger5564: You are SO bad ass bro!
@Tavat: Wot a legend. What a kickass city.
@jonwright502: Heck ya! Well said
@annk3372: Terrible timing Vice. Seriously. Murder is at an all time high and we’re still villanizing the police
@lenxiabuda8338: Love it!!
@bowilliam3865: I was d4 when you did that. Salute Sir
@f.t3322: You are remarkable!
@slackhackman9115: The 80s were alot a fun, and dangerous.
@befer: This is so fucking good
@karacamp5265: hell ya this is the content I need ty
@indramami9080: This guy dedicated his life to fight the system, simply put he’s a HERO & pretty sure a legend in the lower East side. Salute & much respect to him.
@fibonaccimachiavelli7001: real people real life
@jongmaster2: When they were clearing the street it gave me a weird WWII, Warsaw Ghetto vibe. Government Authority forcing people out of their own neighborhoods
@soter305: New York is still a great place it just seems it was even greater back in the day.
@markjesus: Legend! @bluewavechris: Love the vintage Bad Brains footage!
@keeperofthelists4771: Original cop watcher? Accountability auditor?
@NYCfrankie: This is old New York City I'm born and raised in Bensonhurst Brooklyn in 87 and I miss old old NYC especially old Brooklyn which is overrun by hipsters nowadays and the NYPD are just as if not more corrupt now @metro267: Anyone who sticks up to the pigs is a hero in my book. And before anyone tells me "not all bad apples" neither is every chamber filled with a bullet in a game of Russian roulette, still feel like playing?
@williamd9393: Always remember - decent people do not have to worry about police brutality. Stay away from S--t places.
@bridgettjohnson7437: The beginning of videotaping police brutality...the best idea ever. Police brutal acts, actions upon citizens need scrutinizing. The police have enjoyed qualified immunity, no repercussion of false reporting against citizens for many years. Making them accountable for their brutality, lies and false police reports is many years long overdue.
@RoadAubie: Can we get an address for this guy? I want to send him a Christmas card.
@one_nation_fanwear1n442: The Warzone and Bad ?? footage is dope. I miss CBGB’s
@markusgust3586: Its videos like these. That are the opposite of vice's current approach.
@M3khI3atsDINO: Yo how do I send this man a Christmas card!
@jayaychare7318: American police always just have the look of itching to get stuck into a situation where there was no problem....until they showed up. always with over the top man handling the police must despise the advancement of the camera phone.
@hellomyfriends9740: dude had to get his little kick in.
@nlomas: This is the vice i love, raw dirty and steamey like a turd freshly dropped on a new york sidewalk
@JohnRay1969: OMG this is just beautiful. CBGB! I think I got a glimpse of GG Allin!
@jro9954: Thank you Clayton ...
@deaconsmom2000: I see a lot of people who claim to know him. Do any of you send this man a Christmas card to make up for the deficit of the ingrates who used his work for their own ends?
@reddomejodeci9341: I totally hear this man out.... ??
@branchcovidian2001: There is an old expression: "You can get a ham sandwich indicted." What matters is tried and convicted.
@jameslyon1372: End qualified immunity.
@thomashall9620: If u still had that gold in it would have been priceless
@Imjuslookinatthis: To You I say BRAVO for getting those 6 officers indicted but..... until they start getting prosecuted with some REAL TIME, it's like a slap on the wrist and they just continue with their racist acts!!
@nathanadamson6324: We need to bring back these kind of police. They really knew how to get things done!
@mamapetillo8675: Koch; “How’m I doin!” Depends on
@jakemendoza9951: Don’t want to watch Vice if it doesn’t have warnings.
@nugsymalone1247: Can we just write up a list of government crimes, march to D.C. and have everyone arrested being that possession is 9/10s of the law and therefore everyone inside is a criminal?
@187mrsmith: If only the people in power and the people in charge of the system could mimic everything he just said and have that be their belief. But nope its the exact opposite unfortunately
@warface4881: The Sound of Revolution!
@majordanggle9658: The police should be replaced by the Chaz Police department in Seattle Washington
@NexuJin: We should send him some Christmas cards
@peterjeffery1854: you are a GOD that's all I am saying on this one
@fartrellcluggins9002: Damn, that was fucking cool man.
@sleepyamir: My homie. Love you Clayton, rocking my hat everyday, Lori and Amir
@user-md2ev8uu6y: Got no body cams so it’s impossible for them to prove their side of their was a their side .
@juschill1: Ahhhh... NY in the 80's and 90's was something to see. And to see it lose it's essence around the 2000's is bittersweet. Yea, NY is basically Disney now compared to where it came from but it ain't NYC.
@hellohellmo8521: You go king
@jackedkerouac4414: That Bad Brains show looks killer
@bubbie2982: Right out of the intro, cops are class traders
@kevinlapsley8227: Brilliant guy
@billymeadows1739: Whoever is responsible for training police to serve and protect American civilians and decided to train them to lie, harass, beat and violate basic human rights instead and at the Same time making police immune to criminal and unlawful illegal activities against USA civilians should be held accountable for their failures and crimes on society as criminals. Exactly the same as a criminal is held accountable for their crimes on society.
@peterjeffery1854: and total respect
@jakobfromthefence9194: Yeh. That’s art.
@phthisis: ROFL This man clearly needs to join an African American community so he can chat about his police interactions... Maybe he could do a documentary and compare notes on what it's like to be hated.
@borsu6076: Did he provide all of the stock images and videos in this documentary? if not, why? he is a no one. if yes, credit.
@apiemikey: This is better. Weird old man, but still good, prolly me in 30 years
@djyua9157: Vice y'all better not make one clip of this man just because it fits your politics he said he has hundreds of thousands of photos and hundreds of hours of VHS tape it would be CRIMINAL of Vice to not make a whole series with this man idc about the police thing I want to see everything else
@xsystem4133: GG Allin is the best type of these guys
@davelucky77: Street Gandalf is the man
@phuntsoglepcha3547: This is what we call syakri in our language , rare breeds badass
@dlwilkinson87: fuckin hero, man!
@jed-henrywitkowski6470: Friken awesome, pop's!
@olliberyapril65: Real OG?? raybeez forever
@JKHTX: sounds a lot like what street gangs do
@norlinblack5017: It’s a crying shame that some little boys never grow out of their childishness. This boy is elderly and never matured.
@monateru1712: Subtitles please... You’re a major news and video company. You cant pay to have subtitles??? For a company like yours it should be a given that your videos are uploaded with subtitles. Small independent you tubers pay, or use volunteers, to get subtitles up fast. Why can you? This video is almost a month old. Subtitles shouldn't have to be begged for. Auto Generated does NOT count
@mikejewpants4099: This man is a colorful character, but everything he said should be taken with a gigantic grain of salt. For example, he said of Mayor Koch's Administration "To exploit the city, they got rid of a lot of low rent places." This ludicrous remark assumes that Mayor Koch wanted to "Exploit the city." Nothing could be further from the truth. Speak with anyone who lived in New York City during those years. and ask them about violent crime during the Koch administration, compared to the Dinkins years - or before Koch was elected. This man is a good storyteller and that's a special gift. Don't believe anything he says as truthful.
@chulian1819: so Fox used to have a soul, hope it gets it back
@bryancobb1151: Cool! Love nelson's videos
@user-mu6qn4fw8r: VICE need to do a story in Melbourne Australia. We are losing our freedom to a Government who want to set un-Australian rules over us and take our freedoms away.
@foxtailedcritter: Thus guy is spot fucking on. Good guy
@marcuscicero9587: let's just dispense with the cops and 911 altogether. the press seems to be doing a fine job establishing social order
@theredfinredneck6518: Slab city and shunning society looks more attractive by the day.
@boydjsal4689: Bring back 1988!
@theofficialsoldierthatrevi502: Glad to see Vice being REAL again. Some of y’all was way too political
@rjscott6116: You're a fero. Thank you .
@sdbplumbing5595: If Vice bucked the lefty p.c woke trend and went full idgaf journalism they would experience a new groundswell in popularity imo
@ITRIEDEL: “Fight for freedom and survive: The good ol days before everyone became PC.
@whimsythecrypto-hippy-wolf1900: the true American dream
@justinmartin4662: “Unlimited possibilities for the individual” while showing a guy waddling around in what looks like a type of cowboy drag strapped to a little fake pony. Yeah man, I’m sure they were about to solve all the world’s problems.
@X2LR8: Crime and victimization is now sky high in NYC. It's bad. It's really bad.
@christianmohr2993: Gg Allin!!!
@genociderjill589: gotta love vices anti cop narrative
@mr.h8330: My shoulder feels dislocated or something with my inner arm and elbow offer a cop with law enforce decided to practice his MMA UFC attacks while my hands were cuffed behind my back the entire time we waiting in the HOSPITAL EMERGENCY WAITING ROOM.
@oldratmike: Freedom is based on law and order so the weak can survive among the giants. Laws protect the poor order allows them a voice. When you attack the defenders, ie, the police, its the poor and the powerless who suffer.
@villagelightsmith4375: Well Done, our Friend!
@jeffreybrezinski8935: Great job by the nypd that night. Proud of my brothers in blue.
@jimmyjohnson6892: Bring these cops back. we need 70’s policing ASAP
@beautifulrosemary6565: Idk how it's hard to get someone charged? If you're black you know that's a lie! Hell I was arrested and when they couldn't make the charges stick they dropped them and added different charges. Instead of just trying to get me on the single menacing charge. The point is that the DA's will charge black people with anything. Luckily my case was thrown out. But for so many they took that plea deal or went to trial with a public pretender and lost.
@richardwilliamsiv3778: This guy’s arrogance is astounding.
@Abuzwebstar: I had a feeling he will grow old with no one around him
@cecilmckeithan5088: And there lies the trick to come out alive.
@brianplatt7041: I spent 20 years trying to legalize weed in Oregon. Now, comedy.
@ellielanigan5897: ur the man
@hotcrazycatladyme168: So if the cops got off then who cares if they were indicted? That's not enough. Interesting man with a good life story though.
@TheFalcondemon: Nice video.
@Vorusen: And cops wonder why we film them.
@johnnybear12326: LEGEND.
@v.prestorpnrcrtlcrt2096: More videos! Less police!
@mam362: Now talk about all the cops who save lives everyday
@user-iw8hv7kp4r: He says “they weren’t doing anything wrong” ?? yeeeeah: okay buddy
@amphibianoverlord3411: A lot of these attitudes and mindsets are no longer needed though... that’s the issue.
@barbelo3530: Inspiring
@fariseomartinez9998: Similar to what happen with the Homeless in Echo Park, Los Angeles.
@nate_deitrick3683: Yea the vice I use to know. Honestly haven't watched for a while. Y'all need to go back to real non BS stuff. ART, TRUE ART
@chingrimungrei9998: I didn't even received a single Christmas card...That's sad
@tessiepinkman: Wow. Just wow.
@PipinhoSnow: Nice doc
@colinstewart7123: The unacceptable face of fascism.
@esyronpalacios6811: I am a man and my future is only involved with my children
@rufiorufio8634: I want to see that Bad Brains tape!
@fbbWaddell: You did go to war. You went to war with the army of the NYPD with no backup.
@dogstar5572: What happened to ‘serve and protect’?
@thizzingallnight966: You Rarely get Real Stuff on Vice
@x4mayne98: Cameras are a weapon now
@johnmarzan6369: That park and surrounding area, needed an "enema" it was beyond disgusting. A replay of those events is coming soon in Washington Square park, get your popcorn ready LMAO!
@gaybear5328: the Camera is more dangerous than the gun. We all have camera NOW! power to the people
@wakeupandbord: Dear Clay, Thank you.
@biggusbaitus6376: VICE IS BACK BABY!
@forevershampoo4786: There’s almost no greater tragedy than how working people are being pushed out of the greatest cities in America only to be replaced with yuppie hell holes
@Randy_Butternubs: Real life Uncle-Grandpa!
@pivkaaa: Wow heroes. When some kid with a rifle hits a basic school, they dont really run in like that, do they..bleh, cops.
@rustyshackleford4383: The original "audit the auditer"
@jaredfromsubway427: I remember this! This was when I was still fat f**ck jared, before subway and the kids, I was drivin around look for some prossatoots and I seen all these cops and thought "nope, no prossatoots over there" and left and got a subway sandwich. The rest, is history
@kamarhadley1247: that’s what black people feel like in situations such as this it’s almost no one who can relate to us
@hatednyc: LES Punk Rock Heyday. I can only dream…. I’ve passed Clayton’s door front many many times always wondering who was inside.
@john-doemcalias4759: The George R.R. Martin of activism. Bless you my guy, drop us an address and you'll never want for another Christmas card the rest of your days.
@joefre9897: What’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right
@esyronpalacios6811: Even if Tran was a issue when I recorded with my Panasonic camera this wasn't here in cali maybe San but not here
@beals6631: Can we find out who is writing these stories?
@WilliamHicks: Would love to see uncut bad brains.
@baptistejean4316: you legit never said how his video got them indicted thou....
@jibicusmaximus4827: dude is a fucking soldier..
@humanseeksjustice8830: What is wrong with some cops? Psycho behavior. Protect the civilians don't beat the crap out of them!!
@louisdyrhauge2897: American hero
@americannightmare2109: It was really bugging me how dirty his glasses are
@nicolasrincon9613: That's what's happening in Miami Beach .... All those New Yorkers came after covid to do the same
@zabariduwab9950: Amazing video
@philsophkenny: Fucking hero.
@Yggdrasi7: I hope he gets a few post cards... ffs...
@brianchristenson6055: Thank you sir.
@youtubernaz1s: censored by the 201: EVERYONE is a director.
@thesoundcouncil3771: LES legend!
@merrick8000: DAMN. ". . . just kind of accept it and be that pillar."
@fopal-gang7108: Dude made it Sound like it’s super hard to sit and record like he a genius lol. Everyone is a goddam YouTube these days
@Charles36.: So this is where Santa's brother ended u
@cliffyleathersons5848: Vice is back? Hope so
@jimmymetal713: Some body better give him a Christmas card with cash!
@gregdiamond2018: Awesome clip @user-iw1oj6to4r: Good, if this happened more often people wouldn’t commit as much crime. Fear of getting a spanking is sometimes worse than the fear of jail.
@outliarpunx8568: claytonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ur a fuckin legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oioioi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@nagelbitarn: Send him that postcard! @mitchcarter6090: It's sad cuz now look at the world. I'm in Canada & even over here in 2022... every city over here & in the U.S. has a "tent city" within it... Christ. Look at places now in the U.S. like Detroit, Memphis or even LA... here in Canada the worst cities are basically Toronto, Montreal & Ottawa. Very sad.
@user-eu3vy5mp2b: The real OG vloger
@1blameonme1: and they say the cops are bad now lol
@gavinhell4597: Manwomans tattoo featured at around 2:20 is not a skinhead!!! Check him out
@EASMEDIA: This is happening in Vancouver RN
@josephtracy5480: I miss NY
@ryanwyrick6947: I'll never understand the mentality that a large group of people have to submit to a small group.... Its basic... more people means more power... 300 spartans taught us more than just suicide.... if 300 can hold back 100,000 imagine what 1000 can do.... well the streets is home to thousands so how can a precinct convince the city's toughest to submit? Organization....
@omnipotent1992: Looks like Ron Jeremy holding a camera on the ground.
@markc7144: I Knew & Guessed it was gonna be a Panasonic Video Camera before he showed it. Dude also had some dope Gold teeth.
@alien13579: casey neistat have to feature this guy in his channel
@chilibeer3912: I think handheld is a bit generous for that camera
@johnrutledge3892: Awesome!
@evansamanda1111: when new york was new york
@Collinwhittaker: Nothing has changed, it’s America!
@JustinBurns17: Somebody forgot to throw away last years Halloween pumpkin...
@buenasintenciones9125: Man, I don't know what's worse. Lower East Side or South Bronx
@jpmtlhead39: Bad Brains... Uauu, great Band. Miss them a lot.
@deadbeast99k85: That's where the cops from horses idea seems like it came from , for a scene on elf
@bronxsea: What’s the name of his book?
@estherwilliams7005: Those hats are really great. Does he sell them? 11: 54. Maybe an Etsy shop?
@user-fc3ii9pe6g: Worlds largest crime ring
@user-rf3bk2yr4e: Filming bad brains must have been the best !
@roaringmouse4505: This is my Christmas card to you.
@wagwanbennydj6003: Fantastic!
@KyleskillerLemonade: Canadian-born artist
@scotts.3831: This is a real world the Warriors. Can you dig it??
@georgecavanaugh8757: Orrrrrrr, you could obey the law of the land. Just a thought.
@dariusbaker9114: How old’s that hat? .Here’s a guy that’s made a difference
@klutch8753: Please do more content about pornography and the American sex culture.
@iggnant1258: I put you up there with the Greatful Dead. They will never fade away and neither will you. I've never heard of you but I have now and you can bet yer ass I will be sharing this.
@tanner1ful: When’s vice going to just drop all their journalist in the Middle East and tell them “ don’t come back till you have a story “
@bellautopia818: Thing that you guys whoever reads this I live next to a police officer and he's starting to mad dog me and I almost feel like wearing khakis and a polo shirt tomorrow.. I just need words of encouragement please..if somebody feels like enlightening a lil ol dummy like myself... And I'm not exactly not not wanted Small potatoes small fries y'all are the big cheese though and yes I'm cheesy I'm a ham but at least we aren't turkeys or chickens us peas in a pod need to stick together... You're a peach.
@ryemc915: Hero
@jrsimi9227: I see him looking at a picture book can we get one I would like to buy one Vice hook it up!
@alexmegalos7144: I hope I live as long as you.......
@bespokeoriginaldesign761: Toronto Storm troopers are doing evacuations in bad form as of late too.
@zachlandry7794: Good stuff
@MoaiHeadEmoji: Vice please switch back to you good content spreading real problems and not making police look bad when 99.9 percent aren't
@MacaqueStinx: So HE'S the one that recorded GG naked on the street.
@josephineamadi1629: Good video
@briannicholas4130: Rest In Power Ray Beez! WARZONE. Yo if you don't know Drew Stone (Antidote NYHC) Stone Films, Contact him. I'm sure you know him... Home Sweet Home...
@flygangmontana2817: Dat man had gold fronts in his mouth yo??
@zvonimirmikic2932: legend
@brandonmacon3317: Don't resist. Relax. Don't forget to breathe. Stop running your mouth so you can breathe....
@RamonaRayTodosSantosBCS: Now the whole country is homeless
@kmp820: He’s right.
@user-no1kp8ox4n: Yeah, really ‘responsible.’Frying on drugs and sleeping in piles of trash on public property.Sounds like a solid plan!
@yeahiamtalkingtuhupunk8157: Awesome.
@topwatertv7492: I mean I’m really not understanding your struggle dude? You became the camera man and you wanted the glory for it? The glory goes to the ones in front of the camera.
@motolaniblizmilleniumboysv3865: lets send him a card
@kozmicre982: Im a very good documentor and researcher but alas I have at this time no camera of better quality with the exception of my cell phone it takes ok pics but I need a real deal video camera and that clear journaling can be better recorded in vivid array. I live to travel and so it would suit me very well indeed.
@lawfullysuspicious1225: Well done guy...FTP .... film the police and the other FTP
@lennykoka824: My home LES #rip Pianos
@zebontheweb: This boomer will never fathom that EVERYONE today has a camera in their pocket, and it’s no big deal.
@thunderlock264: Didn't know George RR Martin was a photographer
@HEEZTV: Legendary History
@22044008: It looks like if he took off his glasses, the nose would come off as well
@JacksonTravel: Legendary
@simonPfenix: Vice has BEEN compromised. Sadly, absolute power syndrome I guess...
@user-gq1vj6kt3t: The guy is like vice v1
@paultiedje3364: Great vid
@chrisexist8029: I'm shocked these comments are calling him a hero. Typically when people film police brutality and the victims the conversation is way different.
@micahlawton: They’re “upgrading” Louisville right now in the west end building new condos and stuff pushing the poor into the streets
@mistrgiggls2554: Oh yeah but respect the blue line right???
@patriciahopey1384: give yourself a trim, itll make your day. enjoyed the info. 3 cheers from Canada
@joshb3128: shelter is a responsibility
@SusanDianeHowell: No insight into those times in NYC.
@hons3543: What does it mean, the City got sued? It's YOUR tax $$$$ !!
@jeromestevens2364: smart guy
@siphesihlethabethe6791: I'm from South Africa, whenever I see a video of American police brutality, white people in comment sections ask the same question over and over "Why didn't he comply?". So, I want to know, why didn't these people back then comply? They could've avoid police brutality and those honest hardworking police who were just doing their job, could've been spared the indictment.
@k.t8963: I only see difference between classes in this world
@matthewjdouglas6471: Bad brains, wish I'd been able to see them live at cbgb's and Johnny thunder's heartbreaker's at mass kansas. This I'd avoid GG though
@iaincowell9747: City fathers see a bright future ahead
Where the poor no longer exist
Drive the neighborhood people away from their homes
Paint 'em over and quadruple the rent
Isolate the undesirables in places like Harlem
Our sowetos without walls
If they won't go away
Cops smash their heads
Like they did in Tompkins Square
Nomeansno & Jello Biafra - Chew
@moisesdelrio6029: This video is similar to what is going on these days 2021 homeless people Hi inflation
@trye11: He met a person named Erick Shawn…
@Freshbott2: 2020 showed nothing changed
@user-mg6ld5lo9b: that was cool
@akilsomething: That was 33 yrs ago woah!!!
@whodeyharambe5776: Pioneer thank you good sir
@cliffordray0331: The 437 dislikes are from crooked cops, if I'm wrong prove it by admitting you hit the dislike button. I bet you won't ???????
@goatskindreams: cool story bro
@andrewmccann9710: No one commented yet that his friends name is Eric Shawn lol
@WhackTony: Nice video
@georgewbushcenterforintell147: My cops would have locks in socks and my policy would be to randomly dome people up that are known trouble makers .
@user-in4wm1vf5m: clayton posing with the Voldemort sign.
@abitmuchmaybe: L E G E N D .
@Drivesfastlikescats: This guy must be hate5six's dad or something
@a51mj12: Good for you.
@TTOS69: I can't stand most of Vices bullshit boohoo drama but this was a good piece.
@MrFuzzmister: I want to give this dude a trim more than anyone I’ve ever seen. Hmu bro I gotchu for free
@jeezmanrelax: I'm turning on my cameras movie mode.
@EmpAtheist: Where do we send the Christmas cards?
@jestevez36: Love that H.R. Footage
@rylanmay9996: Skiing is my art.
@esyronpalacios6811: I am a man we need to evolve to be human
@timanthony7839: I hate how vice shows Nazis when they say skinhead. Nazis arent skinheads, you cant believe in racial prejudice and be a skinhead, its literally the opposite.
@paithon7412: I thought this was an old vice video
@newnormal1841: What makes America great
Court redress.
Not off to the dungeon
Without trial
Presummed Innocent
Thanks man
Do you view camera activist?
Constatutional amendment auditors
@genekwagmyrsingh9433: I literally thought that was Dude Love.
@stealthyshooter2845: Anyone Know what hat he's wearing?
@ebwally: CLAYTON4EVER
@jamalsufi3589: If he was black then he wouldn’t be able to film them ??. Still dope photographer though. I love his work.
@nategannon7751: We need these times back. Deblasio is destroying NYC let the cops do what have to do!!!
@elijahwilliams3087: How is this only 13 mins
@lordeverybody872: The focus is on the cops. But who is pulling thir strings. The rich. Those are the ones you want dirt on.
@lindac6416: Thank you
@LifeSizeBox: Tom Zebra is the original cop watcher. Look him up on YouTube.
@stupoc6715: Where is the hardcore movement documentary. I jumped on it around 89.
@OMGbecky215: a nelson sullivan s/o ??
@orbjorgragnarsdottir3448: 2 decades later nothing has change is this country
@hansa9159: WTF A GOOD VICE VIDEO?
@johnnypower6674: Nice!
@user-rb9pd4dp7e: Why do they say “lower east side” instead of saying south east
@alexbadillo9940: What astonishes me is I didn’t see one black person getting hit by the cops in this video?!!!??
@NiceGuyNesto: Dude has semi try hard vibes.
@aster5031: 10/10
@johnnylibtard5764: Freaks of society
@marcobarrera1990: is that Mac Demarco ?? ??
@esyronpalacios6811: OK I give up now this is not my life but a experience to remember let try more every year move along it is time to evolve
@jaxsonlyk1965: I thought America always respect humans right what is happening now?
@ochoatv567: he wats be remember like a artist not te man with the camera
@ldbenjamin1: It is almost a non story now. I expect American cops to beat up innocent people. I would be more shocked if the story was about the opposite.
@johnmartin3735: My guy had fronts in the 80s ok ok hes a triple og
@brianthomason5022: I think I just found my calling
@9shazad: right at the end what’s everybody hates Chris doing there ?
@LifesMike: The last good vice upload
@RealArtBeats: If you're from The Lower East Side L.E.S. and you dont know Clayton, Then you aren’t really from here . Go Home
@westwalnutrecords: He's rad
@bangkokgirls: The people from 1988 look weird.
@cristianvelasquez9667: Sounds like today lol
@morphyt8611: Thank you
@michaeldougherty8344: Thank you
@baldothehorriblemacias6507: Bad ass
@guybuddyman838: Looks like George bluth getting tackled
@thebabyeateryuki: I like punk grandpa's shirt a whole lot
@michaeljohn8905: I lived on 420 13 and I lived on 240 e 13. It’s was bad.
@kargudin: Okay omw to buy a camera ??
@johnsmif7229: I wonder if that's all the same hat in all the old to new photos
@doctorclown: my name is Clayton and im a Mask Person.
@reidellis1988: HR/Bad Brains, Raybeez and Warzone... fuckin special.
@DeusExHomeboy: beautiful
@tonygunk6795: ed cotch got a splotch on his crotch"
@jmoney2946: Noone gonna talk about the nazi pins this dude was reppin? ok
@FreeMeal: SLUG! Thats a young Slug in the middle.
@absolince: Nelson Sullivan!!!!
@zachary_smith1: And kids this is why cops have to wear body and now. Granted most of them have learned to turn them off but still. Now we just have to end qualified immunity and we are there.
@Iswhatitisssss: I bet this guy has some cool pics of Indian Larry and the guys from psycho cycles
@marioalvarezvilla2464: So glad there was not other white reporter taking over the video.
@simpletownworx: Pillars need support too
@waynepayne864: my boy jerry the peddler
@user-zd2fz5zj2t: Nothing has changed today in 2022????????????????
@sdbabygaming8996: Wow
@danbock578: Wow
@itunesaccount760: Good vice content? Whaaaaat
@drewgoin8849: Bad Brains!!!
@drakebell6784: My ring door bell has caught seven porch pirates. Take that!
@montynelson5033: cool vice: this video. vice not being cool: reenactors are neo nazis
@eriktruchinskas3747: wait is that GG allin?
@bradleyfriend496: Cookout certified
@slayerarken7044: All I got from this is apparently this guy is an 'Artist' who's very proud he was one of the first people with a video camera and got 6 cops indited and they still got off...BOOOOoooring!
@monkeywrenchdesignshop7856: Rad!
@sergez6172: Vice do one about spacely
@dougschmitz1136: Set A price for your video say by the minute and sue for infringement rights sue every one that used your videos courts lawyers police.any one that used them with out written permission . Find a good lawyer
@user-lr5ll3od2r: people watch this and still defend the cops
@mattske5286: That pic would be great if they had a pic of them together now hhhmm curiosity gets the better of me sometimes....
@user-jc5lf6sf7g: Y E S
@user-hi8uy3yo8k: YAAAYa, its 1988 jolie olie comin atcha
@garfieldsmith6187: Think about wat the black man of to go through
@tomashton1781: Bad Brains ruled
@jonathanh8853: STR8 OG
@thepanel2935: Got any footage of G.G. Allin?
@ragnarhelsson4381: I wonder if anybody realized that at 3:08 that's a chick pouring stuff on him, not a dude.
@goodmorning5614: Is same as Canada if you not living here is like church Canada
@FFEMTB08: BLM and ANTIFA have nothing on this OG.
@tillnuoffer2880: I would love to meet these pigys to make some nice bacon strips
@nealmarshall5003: Eric Shon!?!
@swhite3366: one million dead, you know
@mboyer68: You walking around with a camcorder in NYC is NOTHING to be compared to battle combat. That's a disgrace.
@toxictator4561: Bad Brains Ftw
@thomaswarner6187: Remember David Peel & the Lower East Side
@kallebengtzon5240: Was it gg i saw for brief moment?
@sassytheclassy_rose9778: These people aren’t black? I thought this only happened to black people
@mattske5286: That pic would be great if they had a pic of them together now hhhmm?????? curiosity gets the better of me sometimes....??????
@user-jc5lf6sf7g: Y E S
@user-hi8uy3yo8k: YAAAYa, its 1988 jolie olie comin atcha
@garfieldsmith6187: Think about wat the black man of to go through
@tomashton1781: Bad Brains ruled
@jonathanh8853: STR8 OG
@thepanel2935: Got any footage of G.G. Allin?
@ragnarhelsson4381: I wonder if anybody realized that at 3:08 that's a chick pouring stuff on him, not a dude.
@goodmorning5614: Is same as Canada if you not living here is like church Canada
@FFEMTB08: BLM and ANTIFA have nothing on this OG.
@tillnuoffer2880: I would love to meet these pigs to make some nice bacon strips
@nealmarshall5003: Eric Shon!?!
@swhite3366: one million dead, you know
@mboyer68: You walking around with a camcorder in NYC is NOTHING to be compared to battle combat. That's a disgrace.
@toxictator4561: Bad Brains Ftw
@kallebengtzon5240: Was it gg i saw for brief moment?
@sassytheclassy_rose9778: These people aren’t black? ?? I thought this only happened to black people
@lukewalters01: Bad Brains!!!!
@joemammyt6046: Cops love molotovs
@apyapy7358: Get me thinking about to the israeli police force
@TruckerToal: A met a guy called eric sean ????????
@CuteandCharmingandLikable: I can look at this and I don't think society has improved one bit!. Police have softened and there is less cooperation snd less respect, so what have you accomplished.. All I see is more self-serving anarchy!
@frenchjamdawg: #badbrains
@TheRealBatCave: Looks like George rr Martins hippie brother
@robthegod9062: I was good at catching cops doing bad things.
@sarahriedel3373: I used to live on 13th Street...236 East 13th
@saucysetsdunn469: Yay a new video that’s not liberal feminist
@Melpheos1er: ACAB, nothing has changed since the 80ies
@mike18012:5 Pretty sure I seen gg allin long live gg
@who.cares: Bums dont matter
@ylemscalamity3493: Was that gg Allin around 3:00
@xxrappaperxx8318: Omg GG Allin
@edselhart6822: Nothing never changed cop are no better than cramnal usa is a police state
@gmoney2103: Cook the Goose
@rickyalvarez5903: GG Allin at 0:10
@mustangnawt1: Hey Vice why’d u can my dude? Maybe could reconsider
@jordanoneill82: ftp brother. you keep filming
@swampfox4489: I thought the police only did this kind of thing to Black people?
@marcoleonegirotto6566: is that fucking gg allin?
@tonecrazy88: NAZI at 1:45. Good job Vice
@lifeimitatingdeath3608: GGAllin in the intro.. lol
@turkeyman631: I mean I easily hate VICE more than cops tho
@by9798: Yo is that Sum 41 at 0:16 ???
@MA55Music: Whack the blue.
@thepatriotparadox8796: A-fucking-men
@HoneyTrapMaMa: Oh wowsers. Interesting
@kassandrabenchimol9798: NYHCLES4LIFE!OiOiOi
@6yap2: Based officers
@jordy2299: lolol swastika tattoos
@luishernandez1526: So basically he's a snitch
@HeartOfGrief: Bad Brains
@msain427: We know Nelson
@h.caulfield4776: FFS clean your glasses!
@spinkle9082: this dude need a shave at least 30% of his food getting stuck in his beard FOR SURR
@lucasgarrett224: Fuckin Raybeez
@johncholmes643: Yup, Ed Koch, good old Democrat.
@markmaurer6370: Entitled boomers!
@skater5vm: Free Palestine
@tonyclicky2132: nice
@amyytyler9040: GG Allin
@steve8234: WTH Vice? Are you guys breaking away from woke nonsense?
@chedderz66: Deads are the bests. Every dead is a blessing.
@HeartOfGrief: GG Allin
@cbos7809: Cancel vice
@jlpc67: GG Allin @ShutUpCleanYourMonitor: anti-cop
@jstewart2005: Why do we need bloody music when the man is talking, I turned it off it's crap.
@mbake461: Democrat controlled city back then too. Just saying.
@ekimantor: meanwhile BLM in the UK, WTF
@christophergeorge4380: Vice tv-communist tv
@timfredrickson3889: 161!
@grantglow4206: fun fact, housing is not a right.get a job @LVBRXbrand: Word
@autumnhannah2368: Funny I have no option to get rid of this bias left wing channel yet every other channel I have the choice.
@3sc4p1sm: vice a bunch of raycists now
@tristanatkins8330: gg allin?
@killeruploadz9037: Unsubscribed
@BadMuther: Waaaaaaa
@ogvlad3882: Buy etherum on coinbased
@pauliomurphicus8484: 0 ppl 0
@hackermanhack8628: do u wanna be praised or smth
@lexperz5256: Hmmmm.
@NiceGuyNesto: If you don't wanna get beat up by cops don't break the law..
@blinknineh8551: recked.
@AppleDANA: meow.
@leegiaitritonghop8250: Hello hello
@pablosalas8230: Acab.
@SeanCSHConsulting: 1312.
@theoldblood3804: Anti policing propaganda. Try again.
@yamomzpimp: Gg allin.
@guitarlearningtoplay: Vice sux.
@changowowowoezzy9617: Loesida 4 L.
@ChauncyFatsack: Poor baby crying PTSD lol! Clown wants Xmas cards! Good riddance.

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