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filmograhy Clayton Patterson

Video captured by Mitch Corber 2015 [44 min]

PLOT: Talking gentrification of the Lower East Side is outlaw video artist and Lower East Sider extraordinaire Clayton Patterson, as he walks down Ludlow Street. Video is captured by master video artist Mitch Corber. Speaking of exorbitant rents and the sleight-of-hand of politics, Clayton truly knows from where he speaks. New York City, October 27, 2015. []

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VNRose3: Nice video Mitch and truthful, informative talk, Clayton. Now would somebody answer his question "What do we do about it?"

clairedelune49: Fine video, Mitch, and excellent informative talk, Clayton. Now would someone answer the question, "What do we do about it?"

E Zandman: Great speech dude! GG Allin brought me here, crazy! Some guy commented that apparently this dude was at the 'legendary' gas station concert in the early nineties... Thank you, greets from the Netherlands

ShieldsUp: I was at that gas station concert. gg allin ran up ave b naked and out of control. i was really young then.

E Zandman: Must have been pretty crazy I guess! I think you already know but there is a lot material of that concert here on Youtube perhaps you can see yourself back.

Creflo Dollarhyde, Jr.: I heard Odessa's home cooking is no longer there?? Please say it ain't so.

Bill Shire: All Things Must Pass, bro'.  It'll never come back to that location.  Thanks for the psychogeography .... LES got demolished earlier in the sequence....

Juan Santiago: Amazing, my sister told me about Clayton and these videos. I am Juan Santiago, I lived at 142 Ludlow. My father Jose was the super for 142 Ludlow and several other buildings in the area. He worked for HENRYS delicatessen on Houston St next to Katz. I left the neighborhood Jan 1977. Joined the Navy and made a career. I knew David as a kid when he lived in 144. The times I enjoyed. I live in Maryland now but come to the city to, visit my father and brother and sister. My sister was good friends with the Mayor David and his brother Ritchie. The neighborhood certainly loss its flavor. It is a shame, but thank you for posting these videos, it brings back fond memories. I was also a player with the Ludlow Aces, we were just kids but we played ball with kids from Seward park who where twice our size. Our coaches was Ray Rivera and Sammy Mieles (RIP).

mitchcorber2: Thanks for your poignant remark about the changing times of the Lower East Side and Ludlow Street.

Bill Shire: Velvet Underground ....

Tim Chavez: Awesome Clayton. Nice clean vibe.

Bill Shire: Taylor Mead ...

Joe Rodriguez: Taylor Mead lives !!!!

Creflo Dollarhyde, Jr.: Let's not forget that Guiliani's biggest goal was to take down the mafia in NYC. What better way to do that then to eliminate the little guys that helped line their pockets. Organized had a tougher time existing and federal indictments became easier to come by because they created a pathway to get to them and indict them faster. Eventually everybody ends up having to fold their hands.

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ABOUT MITCH CORBER: He is a New York City neo-Beat poet, an eccentric performance artist, and no wave videographer known for his rapid whimsically comical montage and collage style. He has been associated with Collaborative Projects, Inc. Colab and is creator-director of cable TV long-running weekly series Poetry Thin Air in New York City and its on-line poetry/video archive. He has worked closely with ABC No Rio, Colab TV and the MWF Video Club and his audio art (often musique concrète collages) have been published on Tellus Audio Cassette Magazine three times. He is a recipient of a NY Foundation for the Arts Fellowship grant (1987) in the field of emerging artforms. more on wikipedia