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On Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 9:54 AM

I owe this woman everything. She was always there for me. If I said we are going to NYC. She was there. She stood by me, and with all my arrests, never questioned anything I did, if I ended up in the hospital after an arrest she never tried to make me change course. If in a street action I was being arrested I could hand her the camera and she would keep videoing. She changed my life and, she saved my life. Whatever success I get, we get, because it all happened because of her. She is my rock, my solid, my love, my life. It is my turn to watch her back. As she says in the movie Captured “We are Clayton”. She is me and I am her. Watch the movie Captured. She has the power. FTW


Andre Endtmann: A great film, I was allowed to meet the wonderful woman in person with my New York journey, I was allowed to sleep for 5 days with you and get to know your everyday life, I wish Elsa and you Clayton all the best in the world would be better if there were more people like you.. love greetings from Leipzig and a soon reunion
Andrew Lloyd Friedman: Good morning Elsa how are you? Much love to you and Clayton
Andrew Riskin: Love you both Angela Maclean: Elsa is beautiful
Anne Hanavan: Love you both!!!!!! Atle Egil Knoff Glomstad: Beautiful. Unfortunately Captured isn’t available on iTunes back here in Norway. Elsa is so wonderful, but can anyone tell me where in Norway she’s actually from? - Clayton Patterson .. born in Oslo.
Carmen Forquer: Nyssen Beautiful ❤❤
Carol Braddock: hugs
Christopher Koulouris: "Little Brother is always watching Big Brother"- thank you Clayton and Elsa for inspiring us and opening our eyes !!
Christos Olympios Katsiaouni: I love you both. Give Elsa a big hug for me.
Claudia Hirnboeck: Still proud of the cap max got from her! You both are amazing... love from bad ischl
Claudia Würdig: Wooow wonderful the real LOVE!!!
Dan Pedone: What a wonderful lady
Dana Brunson: Touching
Dariusz Pekałowski: Behind every big guy stands strong and fantastic woman! ❤❤
David H. Katz: Love
David Leslie: I SO adore my friend Elsa!!!
Dee D. Bache: So cool! She’s brilliant.
Dietmar Kirves: My heartfelt sympathy for you! Stay strong. NO!art goes on!
Dominik Stahlberg: Condoglianze! - So sad - Stay strong!
Edwin Natal Agosto: My friend, thank you for sharing this. I listened to and watched the video. Please give my regards to your wife. She always treated me so kindly whenever I was there. I've always looked forward to seeing you both whenever I was in New York City. Bless you both always. Your locksmith from Puerto Rico.
Ef Higgins: ... Would. have. Loved. to. Meet. Her, ... back Then. ... Higgins. ....... ps: ... how'd She get to ALBERTA. ? ... Eddie from. ELBERTA. ... ? - Clayton Patterson you did meet her back then.
Elvia Iannaccone Gezlev: Soo nice ❤❤❤
Eugene N: Fedorko how lovely
George Ibanez: True love. God bless
Harry Nudel: Wonderful
James Lathos:
James Love Cornwell IV: Such a beautiful testament to your love
James Shaw: Oh man that made me verklempt...I'm so sorry...stay strong and reassure her every day of your heart go out to the both of ya...
Jayson Jay:
Jeff Wright: A beautiful soul.
Jimmy Vasquez: Beautiful words, Clayton.
John Drury: She is a champion - your champion.
Jose Quiles: Wow, hi Elsa keep telling it like it is and stay strong
Joy EM: She was the First person to ever give me a tattoo!sweet lady.
Kennon B. Raines: I Love ❤❤ Elsa & I Love you ❤❤
Kurtis Clifford: Very touching Clayton.
Lihi Brosh: Beautiful
Lina Pallotta:
Linda Knable Jacobs Holcomb: Much love to you and Elsa Hugs
Liz Pressman: yes, now you are her rock
Marie Cardinal: I watched this again today. I love the way you love her.
Marie Cardinal: What a great captured moment. True love right there. And I love how she threatens to give it to someone if they say something bad about you.
Mark Bloch: mensch
Mark Rudan: Thats what LOVE is about!!!
Max MacAndrews: Flink film, fin jente! Heia Norge!
Michael Anthony Alago: ❤❤❤❤❤
Michael Koehler: Nice-Nice.....#1/ Elsa
Monica Uszerowicz: I love you both!
Monty Cantsin Amen: Pure heroic manifesto of life/love/beauty.
Nancy Pepe McCarthy: Beautiful tribute! Nancy Wolfe: Much love to Elsa!
Nicolas Heller: Much love to you and Elsa
Oscar Perez: Beautiful
Paula Grimaldi-Reardon: She is still beautiful. I remember her always behind the camera. You are a wonderful human being.
Penny Arcade: Elsa has always been one of the most special beings i have encountered in my journeys. She is beautiful. This is beautiful. Power Malu: This is really Beautiful. Love you both. Thank You for sharing.
Power Malu: This is really Beautiful❤❤❤❤ Thank You for sharing
Ricardo Sanchez: Hi Elsa.
Richie N Mary Montgomery: True Love You have a link to it? Clayton Patterson what kind of link? You want me to send you a link? I think you can take it off of here.
Richie N Mary Montgomery: Clayton Patterson:I thought there was more. Lovely tribute to Elsa she is one of a kind. ❤❤ - Clayton Patterson can only do small bites at a time...
RJ Sharpz: Such a Wonderful Woman!
Robert Butcher: I love you two ❤❤
Robert Parker: ...she has always had something going!
Roman Primitivo Albear: Elsa
Ruben Reyes: Clayton & Elsa love ❤❤
Seanne Gabrielle Catedral: ❤❤❤❤❤
Shane Enholm: Clayton and Elsa Por Vida
Sharon D'Lugoff: so honored to be your friend for so many decades..both of you.
Shell Sheddy:
Sue Strande: Beautiful Elsa is.
Thomas Conan Ryan Coates: Sweet and Beautiful
Tomasello Joseph: Love love love
Ty TyNy Harris: My deepest condolences
You 2: are surely blessed my friends
Zoe Hansen: Absolutely beautiful! And true. I live for your love! - Jake was 6 years old when he sat in my lap watching Captured! He grew up knowing who CLAYTON & Elsa were. I loved my LES, I’m grateful I got to raise my son there. You are The Godfather of the LES!