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CLAYTON: the seven letter word game
booklet | 20 pages | 5.4 x 8.3" | 52 expl. | first edition
URANIA PRESS, New York 2021 | established 1958 |
@uranianpress | @claytonles

The Seven letter word is a game made up of seven letters. The letters are always the same. The letters add up to spell a word. The word is always the same. The letters are only used once. It is possible there are mistakes in these drawings. See if you can discover the wort. See if you can findany mistakes.

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About the Uranian PHALANSTERY: In 1958 Richard Tyler, artist, initiated a small and free press in the basement of 330 East 4th Street, New York City. In 1974 with the support of his partner and lifelong collaborator Dorothea Baer Tyler along with 20 other artists he incorporated, in two contiguous Lower East Side tenements, a shrine devoted to art. He named the organization the Uranian Phalanstery combining the astrological influences of creativity and intuition, which he extracted as Uranian qualities, with the mutually supportive communal idea of a phalanstery. This dialogue which was started in the 1950s still lives today in Hamilton Heights, Manhattan.

As a community we make books, paintings, sculptures, music, film, dance, graphics, clothing, fine art prints, photographs and host events. We are committed to providing space and resources to artists of all mediums, encouraging a deeper sense of sharing, collaboration, and cocreation. more

See history The Schizophrenic Bomb: Richard Tyler and the Uranian Press

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