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Keith Haring VaseThe Acker Awards, now in their seventh year, are a tribute given to members of the avant-garde arts community who have made outstanding contributions in their discipline in defiance of convention, or else served their fellow writers and artists in outstanding ways. The award’s novelist namesake, in her life and work, exemplified the ... more

Jews: A People's History of the Lower East Side | volume 1 | see moreJEWS A PEOPLE'S HISTORY INTO A AUDIOBOOK | About turning the Jews A People's History into an audiobook . David would pay for the mechanics of the job. I want to see it in Hebrew, Yiddish, and English. I am running the Yiddish past you. A group could do this. For elderly people could be a great and meaningful project to work on. The Hebrew should be possible to find readers in Israel. Or America? Any ideas? Hoping Rabbi Wolfson can help. He was a driving force at NYU. Soon he will be in Israel ... more

Keith Haring VaseTHE LA2-KEITH HARING STORY | A Matter of Attribution & Legacy | The art world has disfigured the legacy of the Puerto Rican Lower East Side artist Angel ‘LA2’ Ortiz by failing to acknowledge his contribution to Keith Haring’s work. Nobody has dealt with the racist issue of his exclusion from the Keith Haring legacy. Nobody of any consequence in the art world has the internal strength to deal with this ‘oversight.’ We all know what it is like to be cheated out of our rightful credit ... more

acker award 2019ACKER AWARDS [2019] This years NYC ACKER Awards, #6, will be as special as ever. There are the few, the negatives ones, the losers, who want to destroy us, but creativity is about life and they, the losers, are about death. We will survive and carry on. And this year the ceremony will be as glorious as it always is. And that is a promise from all of us in the ACKER community ... more

gene frankel theatreGENE FRANKEL THEATRE SUPPORT REQUESTED [2018] The Gene Frankel Theatre is one of most historic Off-Off-Broadway theaters in New York and we need your support. We just went through another uncomfortable and HOT summer with our actors and audience ... more

Acker Awards 2018 chapbookCREATOR/PRODUCER: Clayton Patterson | MC: Kembra Pfahler | Box: Steve Ellis | Bio-booklet Design: The Villager | Pre-show entertainment: Keith Patchel & his Venus Ensemble include Clara Francesca, Alexis Kandra (Videography), Cantata Fan, Sayaka Aiba, Kelsey S. Brewer and Jo Eubanks & special guest poet Bob Holman | Archival Producer: Lewanne Jones. more

Acker Award 2017ACKER AWARD [2017] Awards ceremonies presented by Clayton Patterson at Theater 80 | 80 St. Marks | New York | Feb 12, 2017 | Clayton Patterson holds the fourth annual Acker Awards for avant-garde artists. Among this year’s honorees will be artist Alex "The Countess" Zapak, whose story is particularly relevant in the current political climate. "She overstayed her visa ... more

Overthrow FanzineTHE LAUNCH OF 12 ROUNDS WITH CLAYTON PATTERSON [2016] A Bi Annual Fight Zine Featuring Hailey Clauson, Glenn O'Brien, Michele Lamy, Robert and June Frank, Rivington Starchild, and many others, presented by Overthrow Boxing Club New York. Overthrow New York offers a high ... more

Acker Award 2016ACKER AWARD [2016] Awards ceremonies presented by Clayton Pattersonat Howl Festival | 6 East First Street | March 17, 2016 | Multi-format artist Phoebe Legere was the emcee. L.E.S. documentarian ►Clayton Patterson, the event’s co-founder, gave the intros of the many honorees, who included, among others, filmmaker Sara Driver, whose beau, Jim Jarmusch, was in. ... more

Acker Award 2014ACKER AWARD [2014] | Awards ceremonies presented by Clayton Patterson Theater 80 | New York, NY 10003 | June 1, 2014< | The Second Annual Acker Awards — celebrating the avant-garde luminaries of the East Village and Lower East Side — lit up Theatre 80 St. Mark’s on Sunday evening. Above, from left, ►Clayton Patterson, the New York Ackers’ organizer, posed with filmmaker Marc... more

Acker Award 2013ACKER AWARD [2013] | Awards ceremonies presented byClayton Patterson at The Angel Orensanz Foundation 172 Norfolk Street, Manhattan New York | June 6, 2013 | Honoring L.E.S. avant-garde with the first annual Acker Awards | As the tide of gentrification and the money it brings in its wake continues to wash away the creative culture that made the Lower East Side ... more

Gotham Center New YorkPANEL AT GOTHAM CENTER NEW YORK [2013] | Join our panel of writers and editors, Clayton Patterson, Suzanne Wasserman, Jim Feast and Joyce Mendelsohn, for Jews: A People's History of the Lower East Side in three volumes, a discussion of the book and ... more

Guggenheim Lab New YorkSUNDAY SALON SERIES WITH CLAYTON PATTERSON [2011] Clayton Patterson has created a series of five Sunday Salons for the BMW Guggenheim Lab. This week, join Dr. David Ores, general practitioner, as he discusses his work providing general medical care and other community medical ... more

Wildstyle Tattoo FairWILDSTYLE & TATTOO FAIR [2010] After the sensational comeback of WILDSTYLE & TATTOO FAIR at the great reunion show in April 2010 in Vienna it is now a pleasure for us to announce the "15Years Anniversary Tour". At Wildstyle & Tattoo Fair of April 2010 with star guests like... 2010 2011 2014 2017

Congress of Resistance, New York 1997CONGRESS of RESITANCE, New York [1997] in co-working with Boris Lurie. The worldwide Political, Business and Cultural Power is trying to control all spheres of human activity: social, cultural, scientific, and life itself! The mass media, controlled and led by the same Power determine the quality and fairness of the social and cultural phenomena as well as of the scientific research, medical ... more

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