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Clayton Patterson: The LA2-Keith Haring Story
By Jan Herman
artsjournal blog | A Matter of Attribution & Legacy | October 13, 2019

The LA2-Keith Haring Story . . . Angel Ortiz | Filmed and edited by Brian Neff and Alicia Angel.

Keith Haring Vase“The art world has disfigured the legacy of the Puerto Rican Lower East Side artist Angel ‘LA2’ Ortiz by failing to acknowledge his contribution to Keith Haring’s work. Nobody has dealt with the racist issue of his exclusion from the Keith Haring legacy. Nobody of any consequence in the art world has the internal strength to deal with this ‘oversight.’ We all know what it is like to be cheated out of our rightful credit. But years’s worth of credit? Even though Ortiz’s art is clearly visible for all the world to see in Haring’s work? Ortiz has been cheated out of his credit in shows at prestigious museums, in books published by powerful institutions like the Whitney, and in credit left off Haring’s work at a world-famous auction house. Just totally ignored. Would that happen to a white artist?” — Clayton Patterson.

Now have a look at the mural, before and after, that Patterson talks about in the video:

Keith Haring Wall #1
The mural by Keith Haring.

Keith Haring Wall #2
The mural by Keith Haring and Angel ‘LA2’ Ortiz.


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Clayton Patterson | Oct 13 at 9:41 pm on Facebook
A Matter of Attribution & Legacy
“The art world has disfigured the legacy of the Puerto Rican Lower East Side artist Angel ‘LA2’ Ortiz by failing to acknowledge his contribution to Keith Haring’s work. Nobody has dealt with the . . .


Bill Schwarz: Right on

John L Hancock III: Respect

Anthony Pedone: Nice one man! Credit where it’s due!! Bring it to the light!

Clayton Patterson: read the response above. Bring to light is not that easy.. had a Summers worth of light.

George Ibanez Truth: The Keith Haring Foundation is the root of the problem.

Clayton Patterson: George Ibanez the Keith Haring Foundation is a major part of the problem. Also is the whole system. And many know and few will talk. The system: No question have gotten press on this story. Deitch knows. Shafrazi knows. Told museum people. Recently made color copies, examples from the Deitch and Whitney books, and sent them to different curators the Whitney, the Y Times art section, to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, emailed other people. The site that this piece is has an educated culture audience. No question this has put me up against the system. Not to forget I am an artist too.

George Ibanez: He deserves his day. I remember Marco tried to help but didn’t get far. I think in part they are not worried about a Puerto Rican from the PJs unfortunately. When ever I am asked. I always tell people the truth about this situation. I think if Keith was here it would have worked out differently.

Clayton Patterson: Keith is not the problem. I made the connect to Marco. Was not meant to be. Drugs fit in and played a part. In part because of the LES, I am also pushing to get a Puerto Rican into the museum. At some point I will tell you the Deitch story. He really did freak. Said I was threatening him. NO way. NO reason to. Someday I can tell you that story. In the end I may not get into the places trying to get La2, but will have many good stories. I have always been on the outside. Have you ever watched the movie CAPTURED? Can watch for free on the NO!art site.

George Ibanez: Yes we need to get up and talk. Its been a minute. Yes I saw CAPTURED. I went to the opening. Actually walked in to the event with you and your wife. Time has gone by my freind.

Clayton Patterson: George OI should have remembered. That night is a bit of a blur. BUT. I do remember taking a photo of you at the end of CBGB;s tasing the vent pipes. That tag stayed. You should go check it out. I sent a copy of that shot too Varvatos. Did not show your face.. but for those who know obvious is you. Also I did some printing at your place. You should be on my radio show.

George Ibanez: Yes ive been told it survived and its in the new store. Radio show? Did not know. Please send me info!!

Clayton Patterson: 8 ball radio. Clayton Patterson Show. They are a lot on the net somewhere. I need to find out. Must be over 100. Have had many good Shows. La2. Ink 76 at the time Dirty Ones, Brother Shep Black Panthers, Cochise Satan Sinner Nomads, Allen Boys, Puerto Rican Mafia, 501, Lot of interesting history. Otherside of radio many solid interviews like Yellow Benji and Karate Charlie of Ghetto Brothers, Rita Fecher, Rita on the Roof who shot Flying Cut Sleeves. and really I have 1000's of photos of Puerto Ricans from the LES - crews, posses, good guys, bad guys and between guys. Jose Quiles Cochise has helped a lot. Cochise can you add to this list of shows. This Monday interviewing an Royal Javelin. I am still very LES and still very FTW.

George Ibanez: FTW. LES!! Ill check it out and get in touch with you.

Clayton Patterson: Not all FTW.. have a doctor who was the NYPD surgeon. I am for for the system when it does the right thing.. sadly like todays politicsl so corrupt on all sides. I have spent years as an activist fighting for what I see as the right causes. But maintain the FTW,. as I do not want to get sucked into a place I do not want to be. Have to keep the discipline.

George Ibanez: Your the last of the Mohicans in the LES. Keep the hope alive. Clayton Patterson: hope is all we have.. always have appreciated what you have to say.

John Drury: Truth is beauty; roll.

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