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New York, December 25, 2007 by mail

Patrick Downey, Photo: Clayton Patterson 2007

The homeless man, Patrick Downey, on Ludlow street is a good Christmas day story- not only was he kicked out, but he was promised that he would get paid $150.00 a week for one year. He got the first weeks cash- as he was chucked out the door- and now, more than a couple of weeks have gone by, and he has not gotten any more money. It is not like nobody knows where he is, he is out front of the building. He has gone to 3 hospitals and ends up back on the street. He is an invalid- can't walk. This is classic Christmas story- Scrooge- Dickens- only this Scrooge doesn't develop empathy for those less fortunate. It is an especially interesting story. A one bedroom apartment in the Ludlow goes for $4,000.00 per month because of the amount of wealth that the street is starting to generate. With this new influx of wealth, the landlords are finding ways of evicting the small store front businesses between Houston and Stanton on the east side of the street.

As it keeps getting colder, and Patrick sits for hours on the metal garbage container—he will eventually get pneumonia and die. The Bloomberg empire of billionaires are eating up our community. It is like a plague of locusts that are eating their way through the old LES.

PS. Patrick was sleeping in the hallway of the building- cops came and he got kicked out.

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