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Lower East Side Art from a Fusion Perspective

FUSION ARTS  |  57 Stanton Street  |  New York 10002  |  Dec 12, 2004 - Mar 20, 2005

then and now, fusion exhibition 2004

FusionArts Museum presents “Then and Now” - Lower East Side Art from a Fusion Perspective, a group exhibition showcasing New York City artists who have been creating or exhibiting fusion art on the Lower East Side for more than 2 decades. As the show’s title suggests, the art on exhibit in “Then and Now - LES Art ...” will be fusion art dating from the 1980’s (when this area of lower Manhattan was more slum than trendy tourist attraction) through the present day.

Fusion art has survived in a category all its own despite being an underappreciated (and therefore underexhibited) art form for decades. Artists Konstantin Bokov, Olivia Beens, Ismael Cosme, Maggie Ens, Rene Hinds, Stephen (Hoop) Hooper (in collaboration with Jan Loe), Julius Klein, Mark Kostabi, Clayton Patterson, Phil Rostek, Shalom, Diane Spodarek and Krzysztof Zarebski are testimony to the fact that fusion art is a genre that is as relevant and vital in the year 2004 as it was in 1984.

FusionArts Museum believes it is the only contemporary art space in New York City that is dedicated to showing fusion art exclusively, art that melds or fuses artistic disciplines into a genre of its own.

“Then and Now....” is part of a four venue exhibit called “Up from the Urban Trenches: Artists and Art Spaces in the LES 1986-2005.” Featured venues are: Clayton Gallery & Outlaw Art Museum, FusionArts Museum, Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts and Marco Art. All are Lower East Side Spaces.


contribution by Clayton Patterson


FusionArt, Frontside Gallery
FusionArts Museum  |  frontside

Fusion Arts Museum is New York’s only visual art space dedicated exclusively to the exhibition and archiving of multidisciplinary (fusion) art. It is operated under the auspices of Fusion Arts (Converging Arts Media Organization), a 501(c)3 visual arts organization and registered New York public charity whose mission is to promote fusion art and the artists who choose to create work in this genre. The building has been a fixture on the Lower East Side art scene since the 1980s. The gallery has been in existence since June of 2000.

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