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PIONEER THEATER  |  New York  |  155 East 3rd Street  |  June 18, 2006

Review by Jeanne Liotta

Clayton Patterson from the Clayton Gallery and Outlaw Art Museum presents
a program of crazy sex madness in short films drawn from the neighborhood.

Published in: FIREFLY CINEMA Frameworks Archive, June 19, New York 2006

Penny Arcade is the person who we are recognizing as the guest of honor at this show. Penny has made amazing contributions in all kinds of creative areas.. but this nights cheer is for her film contributions. . . saving Jack Smiths earthy belonging. . . recently I really enjoyed seeing, at the Pioneer, Penny in the 60's John Vaccaro film. . .Penny was in Warhol movies. . . Penny is one of the main power thrusts behind the amazing Biography Project. . .and more and so on and more. . . filmmakers David Leslie & Larry Fessenden- 2 public service announcements safe sex psa part 1 and part 2 Larry Fessenden- HABIT -- Larry banging a vampire chick in his feature film. M. M. Serra A Lot of Fun for the Evil One, (1994) color, sound, featuring Maria Beatty. Sound design by John Zorn. "A worthwhile and well-executed foray into the notoriously dangerous territory where art meets porn; the result is exciting and entrancing, making no grand statements with its sometimes sweeping gestures but still providing an incredibly satisfying voyage into the psychosexual netherworld. Even the film's soundtrack is high-quality, entertaining listening and could stand on its own as purely audio material. An intense aural tapestry courtesy of John Zorn."

Eric Danville, Jack Waters and Peter Cramer "Occupy My Ass, Not Iraq" preview of work in progress by Jack Waters. Videography by Peter Cramer. Staring Dominic Wetzel, Pino Fortunata with Voiceover by Leslie Lowe. Penny Arcade and Steve Zehentner-- educator Betty DodsonThe Lower East Side Biography Project is an oral history project that works to stem the tide of cultural amnesia and gentrification in its community by telling the history of its streets through the stories of its long term residents. BEYOND Queer: Voices from Bohemian New York, is the first installment of their documentary series that celebrates originality, while connecting the stories of individuals to a larger social, cultural & political context. The title, BEYOND Queer, symbolizes the broadest notions of inclusion, and the hope of expanding the discourse on identity, political activism, and freedom of expression. The segment featured is a work-in-progress biography on artist, author, and sex educator Betty Dodson, Ph.D. Betty first achieved international recognition with three ground breaking erotic art exhibitions in the sixties and seventies before she left the art world to become a feminist activist and public advocate for women's sexual liberation. Her bold, innovative teaching methods have been documented in a series of books and videos. Dodson has a private practice in New York City and maintains an active website: Contact The Lower East Side Biography Project at Clayton Patterson and Elsa Rensaa... Playground... a segment from a night at a Deviant playground on the LES... Philly Abe...A five minute scene from Takeaway by Todd Verow and and a five minute segment of A or mike Kuchar's Wind in my sails.... Philly is the alternative to the alternative. she will be showing two segments from Film icons Mike Kuchar and Todd Verow....Wind on my Sails by Mike Kuchar 2000.....Takeaway by Todd Verow 2002 ....... wild times in pay toilets and trashy apartments...You won't know whether to jerk off or throw up. Philly lis an actrash fantastique...She lives downtown, rent striking and working with the art/noize collective Infinity SS/Fanatic Voyage and threatens to start making more movies of her own this summer.....more will be revealed..........Happy Science!