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Posted By Luke

Published in: LIFELOUNGE  |  Australia  |  July 8, 2009

Clayton Patterson: Evolution LES  |  see slideshow

Over the last 30 years, the ubiquitous NY personality,  Clayton Patterson has documented the evolution of life in the city's Lower East Side through it's colourful subcultures of yesterday to it's modern day gentrification. Originally from Canada, Clayton came to NY in the late 70s to be an artist. He obviously had an immediate fascination with the neighbourhood's melting pot of artists, junkies, the homeless and "revolutionary minds" brewing out of the Lower East Side and began to shoot both still an video the daily happenings of the area.

He officially made a name for himself in the late 80s when he captured over three hours of footage during the police riots in Tompkins Square (which ended up being used as evidence and inditing 6 cops) and suddenly everyone from Oprah to CNN wanted a piece. His craft and in particular his documentation of police brutality has seen him arrested and roughed up by local law enforcement on multiple occasions. Over the years he has amassed an enormous archive of apparently 4000 hours of 8mm and half inch film and 750,000 colour photographs of people and events in the area.

If you haven't seen it you should probably check out the documentary released last year his work Captured (trailer below)

see Captured trailer

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