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radio show


8Ball Radio New York, on Dec 4, 2017 [94 min]

8ball radio show with clayton

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ABOUT Antony Zito:

Weston Priest producer... Clayton Patterson host guest Antony Zito Portrait Painter and long-time resident of New York’s Lower East Side. The New York Post has called his portrait paintings "sensual" and his renderings of people on recycled materials other than canvas have prompted. The Village Voice to refer to him as "a master of the found object". His strikingly emotive work has been shown throughout the US, Europe and Japan. Every year, Zito’s group, The 4heads Collective, gives 120 artists each a room to exhibit in abandoned military residences at The Governor’s Island Art Fair. Zito’s diverse portraits, murals and other artwork can be seen throughout New York as well as in Jim Jarmusch’s films, Coffee and Cigarettes and Broken Flowers.
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