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161 Essex Street btwn Houston & Stanton  |  New York  |  opening April 19, 2005

Apocalyn Invitationcard

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Cohen Banker

"Apocalynn will be exhibiting a twenty plus year retrospective of her paintings.

She receives and transmits a spiritual gift to her audience through essential dead spirits. Her message comes from the power of "hero, trikster, raven, shape shifter magic mixed with the best identification and training from the deceased great artists and sages of the past.

But, beyond, she creates her own language through this transmutation of talking to the dead and receiving their gifts as she assimilates and recombinates magic outstide of the status quo.

Her power is tapping into the primordial spirit and four dimensional reality. She articulates a message of survival through paint and metaphors, through Indian symbolism, that brings the soul to a new harmony."

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Retro APCALYNN Into the Light

VIDEO 27:44 min

Japanese Landscape Productions and Apocalynn Productions  |  A Nick Vegas Documentary
Special Thanks to Andrew Rossi, Raeford Liles, † Doris Morning Bird and † Wendy O Williams, Dorothy Gillespie, Ben Kaplan, Shalom Neumann & Fusion Art, Debra & Kerry, Anne D'AgNillo, Clayton Patterson, James Love Cornwell, Lance Gumbs, Shinnecock Tribe of South Hampton, Southeastern Cherokee Council, Dbra Fries, Carlo McCormick, Eric Finkelman, Kyle O'Brien, Nicolette & Rob Liberto, Vinnie Fazio, Glen McDermott, King Famous, Blue Space Records, Gabby Glazer, Faith, Songs of the Spirit, Pavone Family, † Ian Curtias, Apocalynn Productions, Nick Vegas Studios.  |  Copyright 2009

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