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gallery & outlaw art museum


Art show curated by Clayton Patterson

161 Essex Street btwn Houston & Stanton  |  New York  |  opening  August 7, 1998

Video shot by Jim Muscarella  |  Edited by Frank Fusco
©2001 Hi-Tide Pictures  |  9:42 min

Before the annual Hot Rod Tattoo Convention, Clayton Patterson (artist, photographer, videographer, activist), curates an art show dedicated to tattoo artists. Here, at The Clayton Gallery and Outlaw Art Museum, the artists get to show off more than just their tattoo work. Lone Wolf Tattoo's Ron Bianco was one of the artists showcased. Then it's off to The Hot Rod Tattoo Convention. Check out the cars, tattoos and artwork -- with an emphasis on Bellmore's Lone Wolf Tattoo.


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