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Featuring the Photography of Alejandro Guzman

LOCATION: 161 Essex Street btwn Houston & Stanton | New York | opening  May 11, 2001

Nsala Maleko | invitationcard | frontside 2001
Nsala Maleko | invitationcard | backside 2001

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Guzman's Artist Statement

I aim to inspire Creative Misunderstandings: an examination of human interaction with abstracted forms and ritualized actions. The work encourages an emotional and intellectual response as mediated by the lens of each participant’s own personal history and traditions. Functioning as mobile sites of reflection and contemplation, the paintings, sculptures, and performances embody a new form of art that invites the audience to shed their inhibitions and freely engage in their surroundings. The participants are moved to take part in an ecstatic fellowship that celebrates shared histories and collective memory. Taking a physical approach to social interaction, my practice is playful and deeply confrontational.

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