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Paintings and constructed Palo Altar

161 Essex Street btwn Houston & Stanton  |  New York  |  opening June 24, 1994, 7-10 pm

Raul Canizares, 1994, invitationcard, front
Canizares show invitationcard backside

CLAYTON GALLERY will feature the work of Raul Canizares, a diverse scholar and artist. Mr. Canizares is the powerful Cuban American author of Walking With the Night, a book that illuminates hiddenpearls of Afro-Cuban SANTERIA.

The Gallery will house his paintings and his constructed PALO Altar. MAX MAYA, Raul's disciple include work in the Show.

This exciting exhibition offers the uninitiatedand the knowledgeable and unusual opportunity to experience art that reflects and explains the rapidly expanding Religion of Sateria.

There will be a Book Signing.

This show is supported of Father Pat Moloney.

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