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 161 Essex Street   |  New York  |  Opening: Photos/Book signing  |  May 13, 1994
 CBGB Gallery  |  313 Bowery  |  New York  |  Film: Dances of the Sacred and Profane  |  May 15, 7-10 pm
 EULENSPIEGEL SOCIETY  |  Slide show  |  May 17

Charles Gatewood, 1994, invitationcard, frontGatewood invitationcard backside

Mr. Gatewood, an eminent photographer of tattoos and body modification has had his work featured in classic books like Pushing Ink and Modern Primitives. He produced Forbidden Photographs, Side Tripping, Primitives, the film Dances of the Sacred and the Profane, all of the "Weird" Videos, and much more.

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