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view videoSAVE NEW YORK CITY [2015] As our streetscapes and neighborhoods are turned into bland, suburban-style shopping malls, filled with chain stores and glossy luxury retail, #SaveNYC is fighting for small businesses and cultural institutions. more

view videoCAPTURED [2008] A dynamic and captivating documentary by Ben Solomon, Dan Levin, and Jenner Furst is a dual portrait of a neighborhood, the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and the man obsessed with documenting its history, Clayton Patterson. more

by Ben Solomon, Daniel Levin, and Jenner Furst
dv cam  |  trailer 2  |  New York 2008

click and viewTAJI'S MAHAL - CLAYTON PATTERSON'S LOWER EAST SIDE. Clayton Patterson is a legend. When everyone else was using giant shoulder cams and multiple sound guys to make documentaries, he was using a handheld video camera as a tool for activism. more

click and viewTOXIC PARADISE, Documentary by Pommefrite [2008] His kinetic piece, Dick and Womanizer, along with some of his artworks at FusionArts Museum New York with the director Shalom Neuman, and his friend photographer Clayton Patterson. more

click and viewNEW YORK FOREVER  |  TV-report by Philippe Saint-Gilles  |  Interview co-operation Clayton Patterson  |  2011  |  42 min  |  Manhattan stands for all positive like negative superlatives. Particularly clenched it unites the "Downtown" - all quarters are meant in the south. more

click and viewWELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD ART DOCUMENTARY  |  Video taped by Joe Coleman  |  2007  |  5.54 min  |  Joe Coleman and Clayton Patterson are two artists in this documentary about New York City Artists. Watch all parts, diff types of visual, street artists. . . more

click and viewCAPTURED  |  Book promo produced by Mark Cyr and Julie Stalker-Wild  |  New York, August 16th, 2004  |  The definitive anthology of New York’s underground cinema, in its creators’ own words. New York’s Lower East Side has been a fountain of creativity . . . more

click and viewSTATE OF NEW YORK vs CLAYTON  |  Edited by Elsa Rensaa  |  New York 1996  |  35:44 min  |  Defying a court order and disdaining professional legal help, a Manhattan artist refused again yesterday to surrender his videotape of police officers. more

click and get infoSHADOWS IN THE CITY  |  Film by Ari Roussimoff  |  New York 1991  |  101 min  |  Casting Clayton Patterson as father.  |  PLOT: Taking an avant-garde approach, experimental Russian painter turned director Ari Roussimoff creates an offbeat addition to the horror genre. more

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