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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.




Index with Selected Discussions

skip to contentBOOK TALK: THE STREET GANGS OF LOWER EAST SIDE With "The Street Gangs of the Lower East Side," Jose Cochise and Clayton Patterson provide a brutally honest, self-reflective and moving account of one person’s struggle to break the cycle of violence and poverty since birth through creativity and compassion for others . . .  view

skip to contentI LOVE NEW YORK? Talk at Museum of the City of New York  |  1-11-2017  |  Tireless champion of the five boroughs Marty Markowitz, Vice President of Borough Promotion & Engagement, partners with artist and Lower East Side folk historian Clayton Patterson to consider the state of New York City’s creative soul.

skip to contentLOWER EAST SIDE ACTIVIST AND ARTIST CLAYTON PATTERSON DISCUSSES HIS FILM CAPTURED, HIS PHOTGRAPHY AND POLITICS, moderated by Paul DeRienzo and Joan Moossy on Manhattan Neighboorhood Network, New York, July 1, 2010

skip to contentEVERYBODY STREET, Panel discussion with director Albert Maysles, director/photographer Cheryl Dunn, and photographers Ricky Powell and Clayton Patterson, moderated by Zack Taylor, Maysles Institute, New York, May 12, 2012

skip to contentCLAYTON PATTERSON DISCUSSES HIS CRAFT AT GUGGENHEIM LAB EVENT. His work, often of controversial subject, has invoked positive change for the homeless, the residents of lower Manhattan, and humanity as a whole. New York, Sep 25, 2011

view Q&A FOLLOWING THE SCREENING OF "CAPTURED" at the Independent Film Festival Victoria/Texas, Mar 24, 2012

metasexDISCUSSION WITH BILL LANDIS AND MICHELLE CLIFFORD WHAT IT'S LIKE BEING US  |  26-15-2005  |  We were living at the Chelsea Hotel writing that book. We’d watch your TV show at night on cable "CLAYTON PATTERSON PRESENTS". I sent you a postcard. I was curious about you. One episode had a crazy pre jackass boy cutting himself on a rooftop with a razor. Then he’d writhe in agony. You’d interspersed that with you chopping up a hotdog and smiling malevolently. I was impressed at how dedicated you were to documenting as Crowley said, "All that hath occurred".

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