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Marty Markovitz,
tireless champion of the five boroughs
Clayton Patterson,
last of the New York Bohemians
Sarah Maslin Nir,
New York Times journalist

Museum of the City of New York  |  1220 Fifth Ave, at 103rd St.  |  New York  |

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 6:30pm

LENGTH 55:14 min


INFORMATION: Only in New York is a new conversation series in which New York Times journalist Sarah Maslin Nir brings together two New Yorkers from different worlds to explore key questions about the city’s identity, culture, and history. What made New York New York? Follow the story of the city’s rise from a striving Dutch village to today’s "Capital of the World," and consider its future in our changing world.  |  Reception to follow the program.

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Clayton Patterson, Photo by Lutz SchelhornCLAYTON PATTERSON: OMG- who could believe this? Does this mean I am becoming legitimate? Who can believe it? It is all great and everything. Truth is - none of this would be happening if not for Elsa Rensaa being by my side … and all the people who have supported me… this is just a  short list. there are many more. Jochen Auer and all the Wildstyle and Tattoo Messe people- Everyone around the movie Captured Marc, Ben, Dan, Jenner, and the others from Blowback - Joseph McElligott - Cheryl Dunn Everybody Street… HOWL HAPPENING - Ted, Jane, Robert- … Dietmar Kirves, Boris Lurie, whole DAMEHT crew - Riv, Liz, Lucas, Roman, - Wes Wood - Cochise & Satan's Sinners Nomads Brothers - FTW - Dick LeMay (RIP) - Gary Olson - IRAK - Les Barany Jody Weiner and Nancy Calef - Shan Enholm - Judith Harris - Keith Shelton Friday Jones - . My Outlaw supporters from the Dark Side... this is the shortest of lists.

All that happy talk was a momentary feeling of goodness… but I do not want to stand behind that ecstatic moment.. as I deep into a number of struggle today as always. I was just happy, for the moment, to think some of my work was being accepted. But make no mistake the fight is as hard as ever… do not assume to take one sip out of a glass champagne to mean I have joined the Club. I have not. This message indicates I have. Nope.. I am still very much FTW>. and working hard to get accepted those I respect and love.. and the raod is as difficult as every to navagate.

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 Sarah Maslin Nir invites former Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, tireless champion of the five boroughs, and Lower East Side outlaw artist and activist Clayton Patterson to debate the state of New York’s creative soul in this age of hyper-gentrification.

 Marty Markowitz served as Brooklyn Borough President from 2002 to 2013 and pursued an ambitious agenda focused on the core issues of his three decades plus in public service – housing, neighborhood preservation and community development. Now, Markowitz is the Vice President for Borough Promotion and Engagement at NYC & Company, the city’s official tourism and marketing agency.

 Clayton Patterson is a photographer, printmaker, and videographer who focuses on recording the art, life and times of the Lower East Side. Since moving to NYC in 1979, Patterson has not only documented its music, graffiti, and tattoo art scene but also been actively involved in neighborhood issues including homelessness, drug trafficking, police corruption, and gentrification.

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I love New York
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