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Jews: A People's History of the Lower East Side | volume III, 2012 | cover

VOLUME 3 OF "JEWS: A PEOPLE'S HISTORY OF THE LOWER EAST SIDE" IS DEDICATED to those Jews on the Lower East Side who have influenced me and contributed to who I am. The connection or inspiration may relate to a measurable, intense pe­riod of time in the past or that started in the past and is ongoing in the presence and the persistence of memory. Because of the density of the flow of electric­ity between us, the depth and intensity of our friendship, the give and take of Yes and No!, the shared inspirations, the magical overlaps, the conscious and unconscious levels of communication, Boris Lurie (RIP), Rabbi Lionel Ziprin (RIP) and I entered into some kind of brotherhood. It connected us somewhere out there in the deep, far reaches of inner space, removed from the grounds of the normal or the mainstream. And there are those who created and exposed chan­nels of thought that led to possibilities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences - Sol Fried, Mrs. Miller (RIP), Ben Booksinger (RIP), Ralph Feldman, Al Orensanz. And there are those who opened doors or extended a needed hand - Rabbi Spiegel (RIP), Rabbi Joseph Singer (RIP), Rabbi Feinstein, Rabbi Kline (House of Sages of Israel), Danny Stein, Elissa Sampson, Efroim Snyder, the sisters Agathe Snow and Anne Apparu. And there are those non-religious Jews who made valuable contributions to my life, showing me that being a Jew may have nothing to with the idea of G-d, but to being a part of the tribe starting with Moses: Frances Golden, Sun PK (nee Peter Kwaloff), Mickey (the Pope of Dope) Cezar, Thorn Paul DeVita. And to those outlaw, street philosopher, slumlord, creative types, between Houston and Delancey, who made it possible for the survival of a Lower East Side artist's existence to work - if the artist understood the rules of the game: Jerry the Electrician, Eliot, David and his brother Nathan - these men who gave space to the outsiders who would have trouble surviving as artists anywhere else.

- VOLUME 3 -
paperback | 436 pages | 9x6x1.4"
ISBN 978-0-9857883-2-2
$ 24.95


Eric Miller: Some Meanings of Mj in Lower East Side Jewish Culture, p. 2
David H Katz: Jews With Guns: The Jewish Gangster On The Lower East Side, p. 16
Ben Essex: My Name is Ben, p. 67
Anntelope: One Hundred Forsythe Street (a famous shooting gallery), p. 84

Keith Staskiewicz: Jerry Cohen, p. 88
Ben Kaplan: Memoirs Of The Abogado, p. 91
Deborah Fries: Transformations, p. 95
Gerry Visco: Dr. Dave of the Lower East Side, p. 99
Alan Jay Gerson: The Rivington Street Rav, p. 105
Jennifer Blowdryer: How I Came to Be Here, p. 110
Margaret Santangelo: In Memoriam of a Mensch?, p. 118
Keith Staskiewicz: Alan Dell, p. 124

Malav Kanuga: The Many Recurring Dreams of Reason: the Motherfuckers and the Art
     of Rebellion, p. 131
Tsaurah Litzky: Emma Goldman  First Slum Goddess of the Lower East Side, p. 145
Elissa Sampson: Yiddishe Bread & Roses Stories of the Jewish Left on the Lower East Side, p. 150
Romy Ashby: An Interview with Carole Ramer edited by Foxy Kidd, p. 160
Chris Brandt: Frances Goldin and Miriam Friedlander, p. 166

Merry Fortune with John Farris: Shalom Tomas Neuman - Celebration Of A Fusion Artist, p. 173
Robert C. Morgan: Shalom Amerika: Humanism in Exile, p. 184
Sharon Newfeld: High Art in the Lower East Side: The Early Days, p. 188
Jerome Poynton: June Leaf, Hands at War, p. 201
BJ De Guzman: On Steven Marcus, p. 202
Paul Buhle: From The Masses to World War 3 Illustrated: New York art as political
     street commentary; or, Seth Tobocman and the Lower East Side, p. 205
Seth Tobocman: This Neo-Expressionist -Comic-Book-Artist So Far, p. 215
Clayton Patterson: Boris Lurie, p. 226
Dr. Sonja Staar: Boris Lurie, NO! art and The Buchenwald Memorial, p. 248
Dr. Max Liljefors: The Power and Challenges of Boris Lurie's Work, p. 257
Romy Ashby & Foxy Kidd: An Interview with Tasha Robbins, p. 267
Richard Kostelanetz: Walking Tour, p. 272
Kathleen Osborn: Claw Money, p. 273
Ilka Scobie: Martha Diamond, Artist and Bowery Pioneer, p. 281
Efroim Snyder: Jewish History and the LES, p. 283
Elissa Sampson: Stanton Street Shul, p. 286
Mary Blair Taylor: Lady Island, Agathe Snow, p. 288
Donna Cameron: Allure: The Circle Bait of Angel Orensanz, p. 292
Julius Klien: His Son was a Disappointment, p. 296
Eddy Portnoy: Cartoon Jews on the Lower East Side, p. 302

Caraid O'Brien: Under the World with Sholem Asch (with a one act adaptation of
     his play The Dead Man), p. 319
Eve Packer: Cafe Royal, p. 334
Tom Walker: Some Thoughts on The Lower East Side and the Jewish Community,
     Julian Beck and The Living Theatre, and Me, p. 341
Judith Malina: Memories of a German Jew on the Lower East Side, p. 344
Steve Dalachinsky and Jim Feast: Judith Malina and the Miracle, p. 347
Gerrick Beck: Return of the Theatre, p. 370

Margot Niederland & Merry Fortune: Was, p. 376
Rick Wirick: The Dream Life: The Lower East Side Jews In Hollywood, p. 381
Ken Jacobs: The Given Word, p. 388
Jacob Burckhardt: On Being a Jew On The Lower East Side, p. 393

Jerome Poynton: Robert Frank, Gunslinger with Camera, p. 397
Richard Sandler: Untitled, p. 402
Rik Little: Maurice Narcis - East Village Jewish Artist, p. 406
Sid Kaplan: NY Photographer, p. 409

Eddy Portnoy: Lew the Jew: Tattooist of the Mosiac Persuasion, p. 412
Anne Loretto: Bill Heine and Anne Spitzer Remember Thorn deVita, Richard Tyler, and
     The First Gnostic Lyceum Phalanstery Temple as told to Anne Loretto, p. 415
Clayton Patterson and David H. Katz: Jewish Ink: A Telephone Interview with Stanley Moskowitz,
     February 18, 2006, p. 419
Eliot Katz: Abbie Hoffman: American Dissident and Political Organizer Extraordinaire, p. 433


Jews: A Peoples History of the Lower East Side
Jews: A People's History of the Lower East Side, VOLUMES I, II AND III
copyright © 2012 by Clayton I. Patterson; Volume II by Clayton I. Patterson
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