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gene frankel theatreGENE FRANKEL THEATRE SUPPORT REQUESTED  |  08-24-2018  |  The Gene Frankel Theatre is one of most historic Off-Off-Broadway theaters in New York and we need your support. We just went through another uncomfortable and HOT summer with our actors and audience roasting. If you know this theatre, you understand. We cannot afford to be dark for three months and it affected us.   mehr

acker award 2018ACKER AWARDS PRESENTATION  |  01-21-2018  |  This years NYC ACKER Awards, #5, will be, just like the last 4 years, as special as ever. There are the few, the negatives ones, the losers, who want to destroy us, but creativity is about life and they, the losers, are about death. We will survive and carry on. And this year the ceremony will be as glorious as it always is. And that is a promise from all of us in the ACKER community. And we are a creative community.   mehr

Acker Award 2017ACKER AWARD  |  02-12-2017  |  The ACKER Awards were created by Alan Kaufman in San Francisco and Clayton Patterson in New York. Among this year’s honorees will be artist Alex "The Countess" Zapak, whose story is particularly relevant in the current political climate. Posthumous Ackers will also be given to the great Loisaida poet Miguel Pinero and L.E.S. "gardens godmother" Carmen Pabon art by Antony Zito. MC Phoebe Legere.    mehr

Acker Award 2016ACKER AWARD 2016  |  Created by Alan Kaufman in San Francisco and Clayton Patterson in New York. Join Patterson and friends as they pay tribute to members of the avant-garde arts community who have made outstanding contributions in their discipline in defiance of convention. The Acker Awards are named after novelist Kathy Acker, who in her life and work exemplified the risk-taking and uncompromising dedication . . .   mehr
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Overthrow FanzineTHE LAUNCH OF 12 ROUNDS WITH CLAYTON PATTERSON  |  10-05-2016  |  A Bi Annual Fight Zine Featuring Hailey Clauson, Glenn O'Brien, Michele Lamy, Robert and June Frank, Rivington Starchild, Alicia Napoleon, Hailey Clauson and many others, presented by Overthrow Boxing Club New York. Overthrow New York offers a high intensity anaerobic workout that combines fundamental boxing techniques like shadowboxing, heavy bag and footwork, with weight training and high energy music for an epic alternative . . .   mehr

Gotham Center New YorkPANEL AT GOTHAM CENTER NEW YORK  |  9-17-2013 | Join our panel of writers and editors, Clayton Patterson, Suzanne Wasserman, Jim Feast and Joyce Mendelsohn, for Jews: A People's History of the Lower East Side in three volumes, a discussion of the book and its contributions to the field. An essential history of the great Jewish wave of immigration to Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Jews covers art, literature, food, religion, and so much more.  mehr

Guggenheim Lab New YorkSUNDAY SALON SERIES WITH CLAYTON PATTERSON  |  9-4-2011 | Clayton Patterson has created a series of five Sunday Salons for the BMW Guggenheim Lab. This week, join Dr. David Ores, general practitioner, as he discusses his work providing general medical care and other community medical services for the poor and people without health insurance on the Lower East Side. He has also organized a coop for restaurant workers and tattoo removal for former prisoners & gang members.   mehr

Wildstyle Tattoo FairWILDSTYLE & TATTOO FAIR  |  10-9-2010 | After the sensational comeback of WILDSTYLE & TATTOO FAIR at the great reunion show in April 2010 in Vienna it is now a pleasure for us to announce the "15Years Anniversary Tour". At Wildstyle & Tattoo Fair of April 2010 with star guests like the U.S.A. tattoo legend Jack Rudy, Bernie Luther, Clayton Patterson (America´s Underground Reporter No.1) . . .   mehr
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Congress of Resistance, New York 1997 CONGRESS of RESITANCE, New York 1997
in co-working with Boris Lurie
The worldwide Political, Business and Cultural Power is trying to control all spheres of human activity: social, cultural, scientific, and life itself! The mass media, controlled and led by the same Power determine the quality and fairness of the social and cultural phenomena as well as of the scientific research, medical practices and pharmacological control. They are trying to usurp the right to declare some social arrangements positive, i.e. good, and others negative, i.e. evil. Thus they manipulate the morals and conscience of the human community. . . .

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