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N O ! a r t
the strategic
juncture where
artistic production
and socio-cultural
action meet.

CLAYTON’S CORNER: AT THE MEMORIAL FOR LES DOCUMENTARIAN TOYO TSUCHIYA | If, in the early ’80s, Toyo Tsuchiya’s ambition was to be remembered as a serious New York City documentary photographer, he could not have picked a more overlooked and neglected piece of landscape than the Forsyth and Rivington Street area, between Delancey and Houston. At the time, it was a drug- and crime-infested subdivision. read more

CLAYTON IS JOINED BY FRIENDS OF DOCUMENTARY PHTOGRAPHER TOYO TSUCHIYA AT HIS MEMORIAL SERVICE AT HOWL HAPPENING | 02-16-2018 | Guests on tonight's show include Ken Hiratsuka, Monty Catsin, Linus Coraggio & Michael Carter -- all of whom were artistically affiliated to Toyo and The Rivington School. Topics include how each guest met and became friends with Clayton, as well as memories of Toyo. read more

ACKER AWARDS PRESENTATION | 01-21-2018 | This years NYC ACKER Awards, #5, will be, just like the last 4 years, as special as ever.  There are the few, the negatives ones, the losers, who want to destroy us, but creativity is about life and they, the losers, are about death.  We will survive and carry on.  And this year the ceremony will be as glorious as it always is.  And that is a promise from all of us in the ACKER community.  And we are a creative community. read more

ACKER AWARD | 02-12-2017 | The ACKER Awards were created by Alan Kaufman in San Francisco and Clayton Patterson in New York. Among this year’s honorees will be artist Alex “The Countess” Zapak, whose story is particularly relevant in the current political climate. Posthumous Ackers will also be given to the great Loisaida poet Miguel Pinero and L.E.S. “gardens godmother” Carmen Pabon art by Antony Zito. MC Phoebe Legere. Sur Rodney Sur the Candy Darling Activism Award an original Canday Darling wig,collection of Jeremiah Newton sponsored by Clayto Patterson. Sponsor The Villager & Overthrow Boxing read more

I LOVE NEW YORK? TALK WITH CLAYTON PATTERSON AT MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK | 1-11-2017 | Tireless champion of the five boroughs Marty Markowitz, Vice President of Borough Promotion & Engagement, partners with artist and Lower East Side folk historian Clayton Patterson, self-described last of the New York Bohemians, to consider the state of New York City’s creative soul. read more

THE LAUNCH OF 12 ROUNDS WITH CLAYTON PATTERSON | 10-05-2016 | A Bi Annual Fight Zine Featuring Hailey Clauson, Glenn O'Brien, Michele Lamy, Robert and June Frank, Rivington Starchild, Alicia Napoleon, Hailey Clauson and many others, presented by Overthrow Boxing Club New York. read more

ACKER AWARD | 03-17-2016 | The ACKER Awards were created by Alan Kaufman in San Francisco and Clayton Patterson in New York. Join Patterson and friends as they pay tribute to members of the avant-garde arts community who have made outstanding contributions in their discipline in defiance of convention, and to those who have served their fellow writers and artists in outstanding ways. The Acker Awards are named after novelist Kathy Acker, who in her life and work exemplified the risk-taking and uncompromising dedication that identifies the true avant-garde artist. read more

SAVE NEW YORK CITY | Statement | 03-16-2015 | As our vibrant streetscapes and neighborhoods are turned into bland, suburban-style shopping malls, filled with chain stores and glossy luxury retail, #SaveNYC is fighting for small businesses and cultural institutions. Our mission is to bring attention to the plight of Mom and Pop, raise awareness of the issues, and encourage state and city government to implement protections for small businesses and cultural institutions. read more

TAYLOR SWIFT: WELCOME TO NEW YORK | 10-30-2014 | Patterson made a stunning career out of documenting New York's teeming downtown world in the '80s. Lately, the artist has been threatening to move to Austria since the New York he once admired, lived in, and struggled against -- with bonafide punks, bohemians, and outsider artists -- is, in his eyes, gone. Now, he's responded to Taylor Swift's chipper love letter to a new New York with jarring clips of police brutality, raves, and bizarre happenings from the '80s. read more

SILVER LINING-NOT! | 12-14-13 | 400 Grand Street is an interesting space. I remember documenting some of the residence when they lived in a Cooper Square building on east 3rd street, across from the Men’s Shelter when that shelter was a war zone. Because of certain redevelopment changes the tenants, I knew, were moved to 400 Grand Street and there they remained. read more

HARDCORE HISTORY: JOHN JOSEPH OF THE CRO-MAGS | 5-7-2013 | Author, community activist, and Cro-Mags frontman John Joseph recounts his personal journey growing up punk on the streets of 70s New York City and .... read more

WILDSTYLE & TATTOO ART FAIR | Oct.-Nov. 2011 | A very special star guest is America’s underground reporter number one: Clayton Patterson from N.Y.C. At Wildstyle he is showing films and photos of the worldwide underground scene. CAYTON PATTERSON - America’s underground reporter number 1: Clayton Patterson’s career started when he did the 3.5 hours long video ” Tompkins Square Park Police Riot” which made him popular throughout America.... read more

ELSA AND I GETTING MARRIED | 10-24-2011 | We went to get the license today ad tomorrow we will tie the knot. read more

SUNDAY SALON SERIES WITH CLAYTON PATTERSON | 9-4-2011 | Clayton Patterson has created a series of five Sunday Salons for the BMW Guggenheim Lab. This week, join Dr. David Ores, general practitioner, as he discusses his work providing general medical care and other community medical services for the poor and people without health insurance on the Lower East Side. ... read more

NO! NO! NO! DON’T DESTROY DIETMAR’S NO!art WEB SITE | 3-24-2011 | In the late 1980’s, Boris asked me to be a member of his NO!art movement. NO!art is a form of social art, a protest art. It is anti-art-market trickery — it is about seeking the truth in society and the consequences that telling the truth, as an artist, brings with it. I did whatever I could to support him. In 1993 I gave Boris and NO!art their first New York City show in 29 years. Over the years, I included him in other art shows, got him a substantial amount of press, published articles in books, helped create a documentary, supported his inclusion in other movies, and, finally, helped get his obituary in The New York Times. I did what I could, but the real supporter, the real champion of the NO!art movement and Boris Lurie, is Dietmar Kirves. I was holding down the Western Front (North America) and Dietmar Kirves the Eastern Front (Europe).. ... read more

WILDSTYLE & TATTOO FAIR | 10-9-2010 | After the sensational comeback of WILDSTYLE & TATTOO FAIR at the great reunion show in April 2010 in Vienna it is now a pleasure for us to announce the "15Years Anniversary Tour" to the moment of Wildstyle's 15th (!!) anniversary. At Wildstyle & Tattoo Fair of April 2010 entitled "The Reunion of the Original" star guests like the U.S.A. tattoo legend Jack Rudy, Bernie Luther, Shinji Horizakura (Horitoshi Family), Mike Bellamy, Mick Tomo, Tattoos to the Max, Clayton Patterson (America´s Underground Reporter No.1), Steve Bonge & Billy Monroe (Beatniks CarClub), John Kamikaze - The Prince of Pain, Lucky Diamond Rich ... read more

DON'T PUT OUR PEN IN HIS POCKET | 8-25-2010 | Let me weigh in with a few thoughts on the recent brouhaha on the placement of a Muslim center in lower Manhattan, particularly geared to the recently announced PEN support for Bloomberg’s position on the issue. — To start off, let me say, I support our constitutionally protected freedom of religion.  It does not matter if I understand or even disapprove of a person’s religion. I believe each person has a right and freedom to practice his or her submission to whatever God or deity or spirit (or a rock for that matter), he or she chooses. In line with that I support the proposed Park 51 Community Center project. ... read more

MY LETTER TO GERTRUDE STEIN ON THE OCCASION OF THE BORIS LURIE'S SHOW AT WESTWOOD GALLERY | 05-17-2010 | From an outsider’s perspective, looking in, it would at first appear that Boris and I were about as different as 2 artists could ever be. We were from different generations, and our aesthetics were forged by totally dissimilar fires. The North Atlantic Ocean, and several foreign language countries separated our place of birth. He was Jewish and I was not. His family was well off and educated, whereas, my ancestors were pioneers and struggling. I liked hot and he liked cold. He saw pleasure and I saw pain. We fought about almost everything. ... read more

DESPERATE AND HOMELESS | 03-14-2010 | Angel Ortiz, LA II is one of the most accomplished and internationally famous Puerto Rican artists the Lower East Side has ever produced. - His work has been exhibited in numerous major museums and is in both public and private collections- all over the world. His work is featured in important books. read more

ONCE THE FABRICATED HISTORY HAS BEEN INVENTED AND SOLD TO THE PUBLIC - CAN THE TRUTH EVER BE KNOWN? | 03-11-2010 | How did Jeffrey Deitch get the prestigious job as director of a major American Museum, LA’s MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) when he cannot even tell the difference between an art collaboration and work done by a single artist? Deitch has known Keith Haring since 1980 as well as Keith’s only collaborating partner Angel Ortiz aka LA II. The Deitch gallery has been the exclusive representative of the Keith Haring estate . . . read more

VARVATOS | 09-20-2009 | John Varvatos and his VP Donna came by my studio for a talk. We had a long talk. In the end I was impressed with John. He worked hard his whole life and did well-- OK- many people succeed. What I discovered about John is that he shares and he gives back. read more

WHAT CBGB's TURNED INTO | 08-20-2008 | John— Many people in our community were very much against what CBGB's turned into. They felt Varvatos was a corporate sell out of everything that PUNK and CBGB's stood for. I met you at Billy's. I learned that you had worked your way up from a stock boy, and I had decided to give you a chance. read more

LITTLE BACKGROUND ON THE WALL | 07-25-2008 | LA2, for me, is a wild-card. LA2 is a Lower East Side resident I have photographed over the years. He has been in my window. I have a reputation as an activist- depending on the cause. A few years ago was the last time he came knocking on my door for help. read more

ARRESTED | 07-07-2008 | There is more than one kind of street photography and they should all have rights. There is a difference between press and history. Press is about immediacy- history is the long term over view. I do both, as well as, a community service and the photographs have been useful in many ways to many people. read more

FATAL STABBING AT KEY FOOD ON LOWER EAST SIDE | 02-29-2008 | It is a sad day in the neighborhood. Elsa and I send our condolences to Tina Negron’s family, friends, and fellow workers. We only recognized Ms. Negron who was murdered as a teller, but Elsa and I were more familiar with Rashida Andradas who survived. read more

THE HOMELESS MAN, PATRICK DOWNEY, ON LUDLOW STREET | 12-25-2007 | The homeless man, Patrick Downey, on Ludlow street is a good Christmas day story- not only was he kicked out, but he was promised that he would get paid $150 a week for one year. He got the first weeks cash- as he was chucked out the door. read more

ANOTHER ARTIST EVICTED FROM COMMUNITY | 06-10-2006 | Our market driven economy is taking a toll on neighborhood residents and artists. Peter and his wife are long time residents of this neighborhood (over 40 years), and he has been an active artist as well as friend and mentor to many other artists here. read more

INTERVIEW WITH BILL LANDIS AND MICHELLE CLIFFORD WHAT IT'S LIKE BEING US | 26-15-2005 | We were living at the Chelsea Hotel writing that book. We’d watch your TV show at night on cable “CLAYTON PATTERSON PRESENTS”. I sent you a postcard. I was curious about you. One episode had a crazy pre jackass boy cutting himself on a rooftop with a razor. Then he’d writhe in agony. You’d interspersed that with you chopping up a hotdog and smiling malevolently. I was impressed at how dedicated you were to documenting as Crowley said, “All that hath occurred”. read more

ZONING ON THE LES | 06-15-2005 | People, politicians and community organizations who have been active in zoning and landmarking issues on the Lower East Side have been invited to an educational forum at the Clayton Gallery, 161 Essex St., on Monday, June 20 at 6 p.m. ”This will not be a rally,” emphasized organizer Clayton Patterson. read more

OUR CHANCE | 05-19-2004 | The struggle is to stop the developer. Greg Singer from tearing down the community symbol of unity and culture, that is the destruction of the El Bohio/Charas school building on 9th street and avenue B. Singer is floating the idea of building a dorm which will be higher than the adjacent Christadora building. read more